Wolf Tooth and King Cage: the Morse Cage Aug 14, 2018

I love seeing collaborations like this. Wolf Tooth components had an idea and could have probably sourced their own fabrication means themselves to make a cage like this, but instead, they reached out to King Cage, because that’s what King Cage does better than anyone. That idea is a cage with various mounting points, to make the best use out of your limited space. The result is something that adds practicality to a tried and true design. Hats off to all parties! Swoop up a Morse Cage at Wolf Tooth.

  • barry mcwilliams

    I’ve been using Wolf Tooth B-Rad spacers with my King cages for a while now. This seems like a really nice, simpler, solution.

  • Brian Richard Walbergh

    Finally! I love my low mount King Cages Andrew the Maker had them do. But these make a lot of sense too. I hope they are doing the same for the Many Things cages as well.

  • Crmsnghst

    I sold my Santa Cruz Tall Boy a few months back on E-Bay and in my selling blurb I said I was including a brand new King Cage bottle cage with the bike just because I believe every cyclist should have these on every bike they own. In the course of the listing I had multiple (well, 3) people reach out to me thanking me for the recommendation and that they weren’t interested in my bike but that they were gonna see if they could get King Cages from their local shops. I was very pleased with myself.

  • Armand

    Can’t believe it took till 2018 for someone to do this. Just when you think all the simplest solutions have been put out already.

    • Eric Gustafson

      I like ( and own a bunch of) King cages, but Tanaka makes something very much like this, too – available from Soma in stainless for $16.

      • White Mike

        That’s only a 1 large burrito or 1 bottle of water at an airport ($7) difference in price FYI.

        • Eric Gustafson

          True, and I will most certainly end up owning at least a couple of these. My point was to address the ‘can’t believe it took until…’ aspect, because someone already had thought of this. Credit where credit is due.

  • These look great!

  • Kawika Samson