The Poggio Aug 7, 2018

Light. Stiff. Affordable. Pick all three with the Poggio PR1. See more information on these $2,000 frames at Poggio.

  • Dario

    This dream sequence audio was also used in Kona’s new Process 29 release video, wild!

  • Crmsnghst

    “Quick we need to film a beautifully epic bike/car commercial. We need sweeping vistas, Redwoods, and some twisty European like climbs.” “I got you fam!” (Drives rapidly to the Alpine Dam loop on Mt. Tam, and get a good long shot on the bridge for good measure.) Jah Bless my home town.

  • Anvil

    iOS app designers making bikes, where the disc brakes are at, straight up Chinese open mold repainted or slight mod of open mold? Gimme dirt

    • For everyone that wants dirt, there are people that still want road bikes. I don’t get it. People complain about high end $$$ bikes, but then claim everything that’s affordable is “open mold.” You can’t have it both ways, ya know?

      • Anvil

        What are you even saying, I just want to know how much intellectual property in this project, they show photos of live/work space in SF with ~$3000/mo and not even mention frame/fork weight, you know why it’s 2k now, because Patagonia jackets and SF lifestyle is pricey, move to Nevada and your frame can be $1000 easy with same $ going into bank.

        But since you mentioned the word “affordable”. Giant and pogio both putting ~10x price markup, (rule of thumb, you’re out of business if you do less than 4x markup), open mold is $400 (that’s 4x for the factory already) in single units, you can bring down depending on volume to below $200 for just execution and materials and “they” will take care of initial tooling prices last time I know, or if they smart you will have to cover $15k initial. Do I think their intellectual property or lets say “brand” costs $2000-$200-SF “design office” expenses diluted per frame? I don’t know, but would like to make and informed decision, if I ride Firefly it’s a fucking BLING and execution, if I ride POGIO what is it, who made it, T800-T1000, M60 or something else?

        You have long history with calling excessive markups affordable and promoting Specialized, i would say Soma is affordable, carbon is just “very very sell-able” at higher prices.

        Even if made at same factory with Giant TCR by same guys I know for sure there is at least 3 years of trial and error not that it even matters actually, you can throw 350g more resin into shit design frame for sake durability and push weight limit to 200lb and I shit you not even Tsubasa guys after minutes of riding will forget it’s an overbuilt frame, resin is resin, very gray area here with carbon products, not like with Ti where welding shit straight adds N% to lateral stiffness.

        Not bashing, people need to start somewhere, this can grow into a great product and chances are their engineer is smart dude, I just want to know more about product, but at this point it makes no sense to shell out for this just because it LOOKS like mature brand for direct mount carbon frame, if you can afford $2k on a bicycle you can afford $3k and make it a custom Ti. My heart with guys who started welding their frames out of passion and went up in price for reasonable Years of Experience.

    • Crmsnghst

      What an utterly pointless comment. Lets take this in parts: “IOS app designers making bikes”: While I agree with you that the Bay Area is falling victim to the “Tech bro-ing” of everything, it doesn’t mean that your average Tech Bro doesn’t love bike culture and/or love riding bikes and if they want to offer their own take on that, more power to em. Id rather them spend their money on bikes than another electric skateboard. “Chinese open mold”: If you know anything about the industry of making bikes you’ll already know that only the HUGE companies (Specialized, Giant, Cannondale, Trek…) can afford custom molds for carbon frames of ANY variety mountain or road, so by proxy if ANYONE wants to start a bike company and make affordable carbon fiber frames on any scale other that super boutique, custom, one off frames sourcing through China is one of the only viable options available. It also says nothing about the quality of the bike as the variety in manufacturers of these frames is as varied as the people that read this forum. Some are super high end and make really quality frames and others (like your comment) are crap. “Gimme dirt”- Im with you on this one but on a website that caters to ALL cyclists a sexy road bike is just as deserving as any dirt sled. Now if you’ll excuse em Im gonna go ride my bike….

      • Anvil

        Sure, comment might be crap, and this website is a money grab with traces of past fun, but lets face the universal truth here, clamped soft white hip photos of “Industrial design process” don’t make POGIO into Colnago C’s, enjoy your ride.

        • Crmsnghst

          “This website is a money grab with traces of past fun” : @johnprolly:disqus care to field this one? Let me be the first to chime in… Im still having fun.

          • Anvil

            Got out of hand there, hot spoken, my bad, in my defense all this big brand ads blurring my vision, original point still holds strong, why this frame worth it?, now I gotta go put some miles in.

          • He’s an idiot. No need. Anyone that says something like that isn’t worth the time it takes for me to reply to them. Thanks for stepping up to the plate for me. xo

    • Andy-bmore

      Not offended by open-mold frames in the least, personally, but it does beg the question of what this offers that a $500 frame does not. If I was going to pay 4x as much, that strikes me as a fair question.

      • Because it’s not an open mold.

        • Andy-bmore

          Fair. The website is vague and I have to confess the whole “tech bros using a polished website to sell a standard product with different paint” accusation rang true to me, but maybe you have more background about this company than I do.

          That other dude got way out of hand before everything got deleted, no denying. I’m not him.

          • Yeah, I keep the “Radar” posts succinct, so I can focus on the daily galleries and to be honest, this company emailed me with their video and no real information, so I checked out the video and their site and posted it. The other dude’s commentary was outta line, but no one here at the site deleted the comments. He did that himself. I know you’re not that dude and I appreciate the discussion! xox

  • kasual

    Not going to get into any of the hooey of whether this bike is a good value or anything else, that’s between the buyer and the company and idgaf.

    That aside, this is some fine video work and editing and a very pleasurable minute and thirty one seconds that made me rue being at my desk working and not off for a ride in some mythical land of soaring trees and clear roadways.

  • shankshiv

    Like it better than that foookin truck spot.

  • Froste

    Nice looking bike, but give the man a bike with fat tires so he doesn’t have to walk so much.