Speedvagen Ready Made Adds Two New CX machines Aug 8, 2018

Speedvagen’s Ready Made program looks to get you on top of one of their bikes, minus the lengthy wait, and premium price, associated with a fully custom frame. These bikes come in completes only, built with a carefully selected component selection, and in two models. The Ready Made CX starts at $5995 for a complete and the Workshop Team SSCX starts at $6695 complete. Check out all the details below, including more photos of these hawt bikes.


  • Full size run from 48cm to 60cm
  • Group Set: Sram Force 1 Hydro Groupset
  • Fork: Whisky CX No. 9 Flat Mount Fork
  • Saddle: Fabric Scoop saddle
  • Bars: Pro PLT Bars
  • Headset: Cane Creek 40
  • Ritchey seatpost head & PRO PLT stem, both painted to match
  • Wheels: Mavic Allroad Elite Wheels
  • Tires: 700x32c Schwalbe Racing Ralphs
  • A ton of next level level upgrades including:
    • Chris King headset and hubs
    • Enve rims, bars, stems
    • Carbon Seat Post Head
    • Easton EC90SL Cranks
  • Plus, all of the features of our standard Speedvagen CX frame including, integrated seatmast, and superlight steel Kapow!



  • Full size run from 48cm to 60cm
  • Fork: Whisky CX No. 9 Flat Mount Fork
  • Saddle: Fabric Scoop saddle
  • Grips: Fabric
  • Eccentric Bottom Bracket: Oner machined by White Industries.
  • Headset: Chris King
  • Bars: Enve M5 Carbon Bars
  • Stem: Enve Carbon Stem painted to match.
  • Seat Post Head: Ritchey standard, Enve $345 upgrade
  • Rims: Enve G23 or CX Tubular
  • Hubs: Industry 9
  • Tires: 700x33c Donnelly PDX Tubless Ready or 700x33c Donnelly PDX Tubulars
  • Drivetrain: Easton EC90SL Crankset – King Stainless Cog – Gear Clamp
  • Brakes: XT levers to Ultegra flat mount calipers.
  • Plus, all of the features of our standard Speedvagen CX frame including, integrated seatmast, super light steel, and flat mount thru axle.
  • The line is drawn in the sand. No changes are allowed with this build.


  • Jordan Muller

    You should need a license to have that much fun.

    • Matt Karwoski

      You need to be a dentist to have that much cash.

      • Nicholas Petersen

        Dentist model Crux with DA is only $800 more than the SSCX. Talk about commitment to a thing.

        • Yeah but that frame cost Specialized $100 if that. The amount of time spent in the paint booth on the Team Edition is insane… the “Detroit Agate” paint process is wild. Plus there’s a carbon seat tube, and yeah, ENVE rims, which cost $800 a piece.

          • skog_smog

            Oh that note…there’s got to be something more than paint that justifies the price of a ready-made being far greater than the price of a fully-custom Waterford. Is the Speedvagen a special alloy that includes ground unicorn horn? Or is the special sauce in the geometry and butting that good?

          • I will say Vanilla uses lighter, more precision tubing than most Waterford models. There are also more details. Waterford makes great bikes, but the SV are another level. Custom ISP, custom dropouts, custom headtubes, etc.

          • Nick Edwards

            Can you elaborate on this? I would agree with the Gunnar models – but as far as i know the Waterford R33 models are the best steel available? and start at $2300 for a frame

          • Does Waterford use Supertherm? I don’t know many builders that do. Now that True Temper is out of business, I doubt they’re still using it but Speedvagen / Vanilla uses ultralight tubing, plus carbon tubes. I think they got Columbus to make a new downtube for them now that True Temper is closed. Nothing against Waterford, but very few builders weld with Supertherm. It’s ultralight and ultra-finicky.

          • Nicholas Petersen

            I completely understand those points and that the Speedvagen have a much higher manufacturing cost. It just seems nuts looking at them side by side.

  • terriblemcnaughton

    Everything about what Speedvagen and the Vanilla Workshop do is on point, however I must raise my skeptical hippo eye at that starting price point for a single speed. That bike would be just as shreddy and less expensive with non-Enve components, but a ‘dream bike’ is given that title for a reason.

    • mark rothschild

      Pay to Play….sadly

  • Drew Carlson

    Speedvagen’s make no sense until you see one in person

    • Or ride one!

      • Drew Carlson

        If only, if only!