Saddle Drive Is The Best … Time For All – Jarrod Bunk

Saddle Drive Is The Best … Time For All
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk

Saddle Drive is a dealers only event in which QBP invites bicycle retailers from all over the country to take part in what is usually two days of seminars, stoke, and shredding, yes there’s a whole bunch of product in there too, unfortunately, I can’t share much as most of it is under embargo. This year some forthcoming thunderstorms (PSYCH) condensed the shred/expo time to just one day. The morning before the demo, QBP held a women’s only ride and 97% of the attendees traversed some of the best forest-service roads near Seven Springs, PA .   Even with the condensed timetable, I was able to take some familiar bikes down some familiar terrain and even venture further off route.

Thanks to a little Google Earth logistics we were able to take some singletrack over the road to visit some cutty spots at the top, ALWAYS TAKE THE SINGLETRACK!  There were some rad new products including Ketl’s revamped women’s line, Teravail’s answer to the industry that the world needs more gumwalls!  (Twenty-nine X 2.6″  Kennebec PLEASE) and some revamped Whisky Rims just to name a few.  It was All City’s Tenth Anniversary and let me tell you that 10TH Anniversary Mr. Pink is wild in person! Finishing out the demo day I was able to shoot some of Salsa’s new line of bikes which will be featured here once the embargo is lifted, thanks to Lindsey Beltchenko, Salsa’s Marketing Manager. I wanted to cram every bit of time we could into the day and we dipped to a natural rock slide just outside of the resort and visited a cafe that had Kyle stoked the whole way back.  We made it back in time for All City’s 10TH Anniversary Party, here’s to 100 more, as a bonus check out Jeff’s rad Gorilla Monsoon.  Thanks to everyone at QBP who makes this event a success, and everyone who made this event a blast!  This was definitely a Saddle Drive to remember.



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  • chrismoustache

    Great to see the slides featured!

  • That InReach mini looks so damn good.

  • GNARdina

    So that’s why Kyle was in Ohiopyle! I was wondering what brought him to the greater Pittsburgh area. Kyle I’m telling you, next time you gotta hit up the Historic stone house inn in Farmington. We like them so much we had them cater our wedding, and everyone loved it.

    • That is exactly why I was in Ohiopyle! What a great town, looking forward to getting back there and visiting the Stone House!

  • Max A Thomas

    Nice to see the Spokey Dokeys made the cut.

  • AsSeenOnOkra

    The White Salsa. Showing enough to pique interest, but giving nothing away. 1x… steel and carbon… and skinny road tires ?

    • jtbadge

      I’m also curious what this is. I thought it was a Midnight Special until I saw the headbadge.

    • It’s an old Salsa Colossal.

  • jtbadge

    Reaaaaly want that splatter Mr. Pink!

  • MansNotHot

    650b warbird when

  • PREEETTY hype for the Five Ten Sleuth DLX!