Ride in Peace: Dario Pegoretti Has Passed at Age 62 Aug 23, 2018

Photo via Stephan Gross

Yes, it is a sad day for the frame building community. Today, Dario Pegoretti passed at the age of 62. If you need a refresh on this man’s accomplishments, scroll through our search field. It’s a sad day for makers, artists, and the education sector – don’t forget about his Più di Pegoretti – alike. Ride in peace.

  • Quinn.e

    Thanks John for posting this, the man is a true genius that seemed to come from another time and space. A Neo Renaissance man with his own style, his work outside of bikes doesn’t get the attention it deserves.
    riposa bene amico mio – rest well my friend

    • AngryBikeWrench

      He was an artist in a truer sense than many framebuilders. I was lamenting to my wife his passing, and talking about how expensive his frames were (only to get more expensive now), and she asked why. All I had to do was show her a couple paintjobs on IG and she got it. Like Picasso painting a Ferrari. Except he did it all.

      • Quinn.e

        Spot on dude

  • Craig

    So sorry to hear this . Too young.

  • Flavio San

    Arrivederci Dario


    This one stings. Too damn young. For me he was other worldly. So much talent, his demeanor, even right down to the way he looked. Dario oozed cool. A true rock star in our industry. I hope he’s up there partying with Frank Zappa! RIP

  • BiscuitBiscuitBiscuit

    May you Rest In Peace, Dario. You were an inspiration to so many people. Thank you.