Richard Pool’s Allied Alfa Disc Allroad with Hypercolor!

Richard Pool’s Allied Alfa Disc Allroad with Hypercolor!
Photos by Bob Huff, words by John Watson

How do you make a special bike extra special? For Richard Pool, aka Bicycle Crumbs, he was sold on the Allied Alfa Allroad but wanted to jazz it up a bit. Richard works at the Vanilla Workshop – in case you were wondering who is doing all those snazzy new graphics! – so he consulted Lucas Strain, one of the painters at Coat, Vanilla’s in-house paint shop, on what to do with this frame to make it extra, extra special.

The result is the by-product of including Thermocramatic paint, over a raw Alfa. What this paint does is react with temperature and the easiest way to see this is by either putting the frame in a freezer, or rubbing an ice cube over it, but when Richard pinged Bob Huff, Vanilla’s photographer, he suggested cold water, sprayed from a hose on a hot day. Luckily they found normal garden hose water on a hot, hot summer day in Portland did the trick.

Is is gimmicky? You bet but does it look awesome, you bet! Coupled with this awesome bike, I think it turned out great. If you’d like a more in-depth look at the Alfa, check out our review!

Richard built it up with Turquoise King bits, ENVE Ar 4.5 rims, a Zip post and cockpit, SRAM eTAP WiFli and a Fabric ALM saddle.


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  • Drew Carlson

    I SWEAR I rode by this bike with rider on my way to work in SE Portland today less than an hour ago… I saw the pink and was trying to figure out what it was. WOW!

    • nice!

    • bicyclecrumbs

      You did!

      • Drew Carlson

        Sweet! I did a serious double take when it went by before I turned onto center street! Beautiful bike!

  • Ryan

    It would be tempting to always squirt the guy with the hypercolor bike.

  • benreed

    It’s okay. It’s no orange polka-dotted Kona Rove, that’s for sure.

  • Bicycle Crumbs: the lid hast been lifted.

    • He’s been “out” for a while now. Once he got the job at Vanilla at least.

  • Zian

    What a great way to add positivity to a rainy commute

  • Am I the only one thinking why he doesn’t ride a Vanilla or a Speedwagon? Pretty sure there is an answer to that.

    • bicyclecrumbs

      Perhaps you remember the OG Classic the bike in the photos is mine. I’m also on our GTFO. My Speedvagen SSCX Worlshop ED just finished in fab this week and on to paint…We just don’t do carbon and I was interested in that too. If you work at Walmart that doesn’t mean you can only shop at Walmart.

      • Wait, did WALMART BUY RAPHA AND SPEEDVAGEN?!!?!??!!??! ;-)

      • Dexter

        When I saw the pics of this on here it blew my mind. This is one of my favourite bikes I’ve ever seen!

  • Daniel Smith

    I really dig this bike! The paint and build kit really put it over the top.
    The All Road is definitely on my shortlist for next bike – they’re pricey but that seems like a fair premium for a bike made 5 hours from my front door.