Mosaic in Los Angeles: Aaron Barcheck’s Mosaic RT1 Disc Road

You can tell a lot about a cycling brand based on what the owner or proprietor rides. In this case, we take a look at Mosaic Cycles‘ owner and builder, Aaron Barcheck’s own RT1 disc road built with ENVE, Zipp, and SRAM. This weekend, the brand is coming to Los Angeles, to kick-off the Cub House as being a new dealer for Mosaic and with it, Aaron himself, along with his bike will be here to ride in the endless summer heat.

Speaking of heat, will you just look at that thing! Propped up against the backdrop that is the San Gabriel mountains, surrounded by Chaparral, with its Spectrum powder coat glistening in the sun, and raw titanium “braggers triangle” showing off its frame material. Bikes like this need very little description since they stand on their own.

Stay tuned for details of the Cub House party this weekend!


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  • AnzaBags


  • That bike is amazeballs. On a side note, I see the stick in #33! How much time every year do you think you spend photoshopping out sticks?

    • damn! I missed one! It doesn’t take that long. Like 2 minutes per photo set.

      • This is the first one I’ve seen after spending an unholy amount of time poring over your photos on the site so keep up the great work!

        • Glad you saw them – they’re gone now! :-)

          • Thomas Burton (BUR70N)

            Is it the same stick that you use?? What makes a good bike prop stick?!

  • Sean Coffey

    Mosaic and Aaron both rule. Great work and a great human. One of these days….

  • Ted Barbeau

    The is the first time I’ve heard the term “braggers triangle”–so perfect. I’ve been thinking of rattle canning a Ti frame (gasp!) with and leaving a some portion of it naked.

    • I love that term. The first time I heard it was when a painted Moots rolled past me in Texas years ago.

  • Absolutely gorgeous bike and perfectly captured. More Ti/steel road bikes like this!

  • Chris Dolan

    Dang, this bike is glorious! Even the Sram hydro/mechanical levers look good, which is no easy feat.

  • Guillaume

    What are these water bottle cages?