Matt From Crust Bikes is Rolling Again! PLUS A THANK YOU! Aug 7, 2018

Photos by @Ripofff

Well, he’s kinda sorta rolling again, but at least he’s mobile while he heals up from that gnarly skatepark wreck. Matt from Crust emailed over these fun images of the first ever Crust Scoot mobility scooter and a kind, heartfelt thank you:

“I just wanted to write and say thank you, to you and everyone who helped raise money for my surgery. It really did turn a huge negative into an incredibly positive one.
All the support and well wishes I received from both friends and strangers alike was unbelievable and most importantly because of that generosity I was able to stay with my wife and get surgery here and not have to leave the country. For that, I cannot thank everyone enough.
Also, I set some pics of my sweet new ride. I still can’t walk for seven weeks, so I thought I had better make the best of the situation. ”

Check out more photos of the Crust Scoot below!