Shop Visit: Freeze Thaw Cycles – Jarrod Bunk

Shop Visit: Freeze Thaw Cycles
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk

Since 05 Freeze Thaw Cycles has been providing great service work and community to State College, from their weekly rides to their mini bicycle museum, they’ve got the best vibe around them for sure.  Justin and some friends started recycling bikes to create alternate transportation, and a lot of their core values hold true today, some 13 years later.  With assembly being of utmost importance every bike built gets stripped to nothing and rebuilt, faced, chased, and ready to roll, which is atypical from most shops today.  Over the years, Justin has procured one of the largest collections of Grove Innovations as well as some other builders.  Those bikes now line the walls above the main floor, just out of reach, but not far enough away that I didn’t stare for hours, no really!  It’s wild to think that this rad of a space is nestled between some of the best MTB trails in Pennsylvania, that’s a good 2 for 1 deal.  If you roll through the area anytime soon, stop by and say hi, you won’t be sorry!


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  • nothingfuture

    There’s a pic of a campy wrench. But it’s not a peanut butter wrench.
    What are they using to spread their peanut butter?

    (Shop looks awesome! Always love to see a Phil spoke cutter getting used)

    • Dave Pelletier

      Brooks saddle adjustment wrench?

    • I knew I should shot some PB wrenches they have more than a few, I didn’t get to spend a lot of time there, but you should totally visit! Theres way more than I could ever photograph there.

  • Nicholas Petersen

    Loved this.

  • The first Ted Wojcik I ever saw was hanging on Eddie’s Bicycles shop wall in State College back in 96′ (Blue with white decals, PSU colors). Nice to see all those Grove Innovations too!

  • Zian

    Can someone tell me about those Dura Ace cranks? The pedal spindle diameter look really big

    • DA Dyna-Drive cranks from about 1981-83. Came with special pedals, or adaptors. Alexi Grewal won the only American gold medal for road racing in 1984.

      • Mark Hespenheide

        *men’s American (olympic) gold medal, to be overly pedantic.

      • Zian

        Thanks! It was interesting reading about that history.

  • chrismoustache

    Such a great shop! Not pictured, Justin’s collection of Homegrowns.

    • Sam Scavo

      also not pictured is his impressive canoe/kayak/catamaran/other watercraft collection.

  • AdamBike99

    And those Deerhead bars! W00t!!!

    • They have two pairs of the 7 total made sets in the world.

  • Chris Wagner

    Campy wrenches and Salsa stems…Dope.

  • AngryBikeWrench

    Don’t know what’s so special about this place. Every shop I frequent has a Grove tandem hanging in it… ;-) Seriously, this is what a bike shop should look like, at least ATMO.

    • Nicholas Petersen

      That Bontrager CX bike too….

  • Dave Whiteway

    Thanks for doing a Shop Visit, I’ve missed these. I’m a little isolated in Western Australia. Great to see how other people do it!

  • Sam Scavo

    Easily the best damn shop around. Great friends and great service! My J-WAG approved wheelset has never needed to be trued in the 7 or so years I’ve had it.