Darren’s Blue Collar Nigel All Road

If you look for information on Blue Collar Bikes on the internet, ya won’t find much. Robert Ives likes it that way. He builds bikes, enough to pay his mortgage, and lives a fine life in Sacramento, where he’s been building Blue Collars since 1998. Robert came from Ventana before branching out on his own, where he builds steel bikes, made to take a beating, with the flashiest thing on them being that fancy head badge. I look forward to the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship events because I know someone will have a Blue Collar.

This trip, it was Darren, a good friend of Robert and Paul from Paul Components. Darren began building this frame in Robert’s shop one day and left it incomplete. As he got busy with life, little did he know, Robert was slowly completing this frame. At last year’s Grinduro, Robert handed it over to Darren, who’s been riding it ever since.

After we took on the Classic Downhill shuttle, I grabbed this bike, a Nigel XL, to shoot it behind the Downieville Hardware store. Ya don’t get more Blue Collar than that! If you’d like to read more about Robert Ives’ career and life for that matter, head to Dirt Rag, for a damn interesting read! Check out Blue Collar on Facebook too.


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  • AdamBike99

    That saddle is Evel! As in, Knievel.
    Such a badass build. That stance says, “you talkin’ to me??”

    • The ENVE MTB fork looks great in this application!

  • Damn this thing is sweet, and that piece over on Dirt Rag makes for excellent reading.

  • kyle von Hoetzendorff

    What happens in Downieville taze in Downieville.

    • bikenerd


  • Beau C

    Ohhhhhhhh that rear tire. So tightttttttt!

  • Jackie Musick

    Stand up dudes riding awesome bikes made by stand up dudes.

  • Scott

    Robert is a super awesome human being on top of building killer bikes! If you are in California check out some of his other great work at https://saccountydogs.com/

  • @Brienhall

    Cannot fuck with it. Looks like a fun as hell and stout ride.