Box Dog Bikes Was Broken Into Aug 10, 2018

San Francisco’s Box Dog Bikes was broken into yesterday and the thieves took a ton of Kona, Salsa, and All-City completes. For shops like Box Dog, this is a huge blow, as the thieves took almost all of their stock. If you live in the Bay Area, keep an eye out for the models, which are listed below. Head to Box Dog Bikes’ Instagram for more information.

48cm green Kona Rove NRB
50cm champagne Kona Rove NRBDL
54cm orange Salsa Vaya
49cm maroon Salsa Vaya
57cm turquoise Salsa Vaya
50cm black Salsa Marrakesh drop bar
Small khaki Salsa Marrakesh flat bar
56cm blue Kona Sutra
54cm maroon Kona Sutra
43cm cream All-City Spacehorse
46cm cream All-City Spacehorse
61cm cream All-City Spacehorse
55cm maroon All-City Spacehorse
58cm maroon All-City Spacehorse
49cm blue All-City Spacehorse

  • David Spiva

    Easiest thing to do to make an attempt at recovering a bike you suspect to be stolen is to throw your own lock around it, call the police, wait for them to arrive, and let them handle it.

    Certainly, don’t go throwing your bike around every Spacehorse you see locked up in the SOMA district for the next 3 months, but if you honestly think it might be the one, it’s worth the time spent dealing with the police.
    The other benefit is, if the owner/possible-thief/possible-purchaser-of-stolen goods comes out and doesn’t seem to be the type, you can always kindly explain the situation and unlock it yourself. Any sensible cyclist will understand your bit of vigilante justice was with good intentions at heart.

    A good sign they aren’t the thief is if they call the police on their own.

    Any chance the serial numbers are on record or can be published?
    Might be worth sharing. If anyone happens to see one of these bikes being sold on craigs, kindly request the seller sends you a picture of the bottom bracket.

    • I’ll reach out to Box Dogs. I didn’t wanna press for too much info…

    • Ben Hoffman

      lol sounds like a great way to get someone shot for riding a hot bike. esp considering the insurance payout, vigilante justice is uncalled for. Also “doesnt seem the type” seems like a hot codeword for racial profiling. inadvisable strategy.

      • David Spiva

        This is way too far down the line to make a difference, but here’s my two cents: You’re stupid.
        When I say call the police, that is, by definition, not vigilante justice. When I say “doesn’t seem the type” it can mean any number of things. You’re projecting your own prejudice by trying to fight prejudice. You can tell when someone’s a cyclist, and when someone’s not, by behavior, clothing, and attitude. Either way, I suggested you talk it out with the person.

        And to your first point, are you suggesting the police often show up to reported bike thefts with guns blazing? When has this happened? If you don’t think the police should get involved in resolving crime, and you don’t think vigilante justice is appropriate, please illuminate a better way instead of spouting off some cheeky drivel.

  • man, that is fucking whack.

  • Ben Hoffman

    were they insured?

    • Robert Hill

      Yes, they were.

      • matyekim

        It’s most likely commercial insurance. Which the deductible might be near the amount of the bike inventory. Recovering the bikes would make it less of a hole then it already is. Hope that helps out in the long run