Bombtrack’s New Hook ADV All-Road with 40mm of Front Suspension Aug 23, 2018

The bike industry moves in cycles, what’s old is oftentimes presented as new. These throwbacks are maddening for old timers, but can be exciting for newer cyclists. It wasn’t long ago that Tomac made waves in mountain bike races with his unique style: drop bars on an mountain bike. Over the past few years, we’ve seen a number of drop bar bikes with front suspension forks and now, it’s Bombtrack’s turn to throw their cap in the ring. The Hook ADV utilizes 40mm of front suspension from MRP, paired with a dropper post from KS to liven up your dirt road or singletrack rides.

The Hook ADV will land between end of September and end of October 2018. Contact your local Bombtrack dealer or distributor for more information and see more photos below.

12 responses to “Bombtrack’s New Hook ADV All-Road with 40mm of Front Suspension”

  1. GNARdina says:

    Bombtrack seems to be ahead of the curve all the time.

  2. CTDSAC says:

    Perfect Grinduro bike, at least in my opinion

  3. Ted Barbeau says:

    I’ve been trying to steer a buddy that just moved to the Bay Area to grab a gravel/monstercross bike instead of some new-fangled full suspension rig. This thing would be so awesome in an area with tons of fire roads and the occasional singletrack.

  4. I love how ugly it is.

    • GNARdina says:

      Haha, the dropper, the sus fork, the ergo bars, and knobby tires. It does look kinda Lumpy, it’s ugly like a beastly monster.

  5. Chris Leydig says:

    The geo/setup of this bike looks so similar to my Surly Troll rolling 27.5 x 2.5, 80mm squish. It’s a blast to ride

  6. Thad Hoffman says:

    Years ago Apple had this handheld device called the Newton, essentially an early iPhone platform (handspring, palm pilot had similar tech too), but wifi didn’t exist, bluetooth either, apps didn’t really exist, social media was chat room/forum text based, etc… it was cool but just ahead of it’s time. The iPhone came around once all the pieces were here and look at us now. I feel the same with the JohnnyT bikes. It is nothing new, but the pieces we have now make it more practical and useful: tubeless high volume tires, disc brakes, clutch derailleurs, better geometry, etc… I’ve been riding a rigid dropbar mtb since December and it has become one of my favorite bikes for all terrains. Not the best, just my favorite. So much fun when technology finally catches up to the pioneering inventors dreams, really opens up new paths.

  7. Bil Thorne says:

    This Otso is neat.

  8. singlespeedscott says:

    Why only 40mm of travel? I think 80 will be where it all settles at.