Big Agnes Announces the Copper Spur UL2 Bikepacking Edition Aug 14, 2018

Finding a tent that strikes a balance between weight and durability is paramount for bikepacking. Then, finding one that has cycling-specific details is near impossible. Luckily for the brand Big Agnes, whose ultralight backpacking tents have been readily co-opted for bikepacking, adapting their most popular models to fit into the activity of bikepacking and bicycle touring was easy.

Big Agnes recently announced the Copper Spur UL1/UL2 Bikpeacking Edition and Fly Creek UL 1/UL2 Bikepacking Edition. The Copper Spur UL2 bikepacking edition tent features shorter tentpole segments, designed to fit between the shifters on a drop bar handlebar, in a frame bag, or just saving room in any pack. The bikepacking specific compression sack is built to withstand the rigors of the trail and designed with a versatile daisy chain attachment system. The tent has bike specific design features including a helmet sleeve under the fly and larger interior storage areas for bike gear.

Both of these models, the Copper Spur and the Fly Creek have been my favorite bikepacking tents for years and I cannot wait to see this system in person. Check out more detailed photos below, and keep an eye on Big Agnes for more information!

  • Since tent poles can get wet and stay wet without worry, we’ve taken to packing them separately from the rest of the tent, strapping them on somewhere with ski straps. The new Bikepack series with shorter pole segments should make that strapping easier even if you choose not to use Big Agnes’ handlebar harness.

    We have the Fly Creek UL3, which we chose because it weighed about the same as a Copper Spur UL2, but had more indoor floor area. It turns out the single door on the FC is far less convenient than the CS’s double vestibules, and in hindsight we would have went with the CS2.

    • Exactly. When I’m MTB touring, they go on my bars, then I have a drop bar bike, I slide them into the frame bag since they don’t fit between the hoods.

  • spencer harding

    dangit i just had my poles sent in for repair, shoulda got them to send me new bikepacking ones

    • I’m not sure of the compatibility but it’d be rad if they sold the bikepacking poles as a stand-alone product.

      • recurrecur

        The shape & design looks so similar to the other tents, so I really hope they sell replacement poles for those of us with tents in excellent shape. I have the hardest time getting my poles into my Apidura frame bag.

        Thanks for the post – it’s interesting that there’s nothing on BA’s site about this that I can find.

        Also interesting that their bikepacking-specific footprints are larger, and cover the footprint of the fly, and not just under the mesh body like all of BA’s other footprints do.

  • mikeetheviking

    I’m excited about these new “bikepacking” tents…. Way to go BA!

    Liking the new Cuben rainfly options too!

    Too bad there’s no data out there on these yet:)

    I’m not chomping at the bit or anything:)

  • Andrew Wade

    BA has a “Carbon” line of Dyneema CF tents coming out Spring 2019.
    Fly Creek 1 Carbon ($800, 16 oz)
    Tiger Wall 2 Carbon ($1000, 25 oz)