Beasts of Burden Aug 8, 2018

This documentary from the early 90’s looks at the bike messengers of San Francisco. Thanks for emailing this video, Dan!

  • Thanks for posting. I was living in SF back then. If we only knew then what we know now…

  • Rudi Van Desarzio

    That was fun. Is the “early 90s” date accurate? Seems more late 80s than 90s to me, judging by the bikes anyway. Then again, basically 1985-1999 are a blur for me, so…

    • Robert Hill

      Definitely 90s. At the end after the credits you see a rider weave between a car and a Z32 300ZX, released in 1990 in the US, at around ~27:45

      • Damn, that’s some sleuthin’!

        • Robert Hill

          Hah, you could say that. The boring, actual, answer is that I was very much into the Z world for a few years. Both the Z31 (84-89) and the Z32 (90-96), owned a handful of both. Money pits the lot of them. Now, excuse me as I go sink more money in my bikes….

  • Lars

    I would love a “where are they now” segment on these dudes.

    • Robert Hill

      I thought the same thing watching this video. Some of these guys were obviously very sharp. I suspect at least the bag making mess turned mess company owner along with the Lickety Split lady made a name for themselves.

      • John Bennett

        Erik, the bag maker, is still in SF, although he doesn’t make many –if any—bags these days. Examples from the 90s are selling for lots of $ on eBay. I’m holding on to mine!