A Hardtail for Hypebeasts: Supreme x Santa Cruz Chameleon Aug 13, 2018

Do not adjust your phone, pad, laptop, or desktop computers. This is a real collaboration and you know what? I think it’s awesome. In a completely surprising move, Supreme, purveyors of random wares and streetwear, have teamed up with Santa Cruz Bicycles on a limited edition Chameleon hardtail. Check out the preview at Supreme and expect this to “drop” shortly. Thanks to Johnnie Davis for the heads up! Rumor has it retail will be $2,500.

Check out our review of the Santa Cruz Chameleon in the Related sidebar.

26 responses to “A Hardtail for Hypebeasts: Supreme x Santa Cruz Chameleon”

  1. Johnny Vanderwell says:

    I can dig it. Like you said, its a bit surprising. I wonder if re-sellers will be selling them for. I hope the tubeless sealant is red too.

  2. Kyle Kelley says:

    This is terrible news for Bike Shops! The Santa Cruz Chameleon will never be in stock again! Oh wait…it’s never been in stock anyways! My plug has been contacted. You’ll see me rolling…you hatin’

  3. Germanflea says:


  4. Dustin Sharp says:

    Nice additional color option, assuming the “supreme”decal is not under clear coat and is easily removed

    • GNARdina says:

      I have a feeling the people who buy this won’t be removing the supreme logo. Just a hunch.

    • Terry Dean Cain says:

      this bike will cost waaaay too much for anyone to buy it just for the color.

  5. Loudass, Esq. says:

    1) Take $1,799 D+ spec Chameleon
    2) Instruct factory in Taiwan to paint it red and apply decal that says “Supreme”
    3) Charge $2,500

  6. Andrew Arevalo says:

    People in the Industry are probably trying to cash in on that EP deal

  7. Matt Karwoski says:

    I hate to be “that guy” but this is just silly. Doesn’t even look good in my opinion.

    • GNARdina says:

      Agreed, the logo is just placed in the typical spot. There’s nothing creative or dynamic about the look of this.

  8. smoovebert says:

    Just think, maybe someday someone will ask $47K for one: https://hypebeast.com/2018/3/supreme-brooklyn-machine-works-bmx-bike-sale

  9. Sean Quill says:

    Not Sure doubts Beef Supreme would Upgrayedd.

  10. GNARdina says:

    I wanna see a Virgil Abloh deconstructed mountain bike. :)

  11. Ian McElroy says:

    When will the bike industry stop this nonsense and start doing collaborations that matter again???

  12. belopsky says:

    I really like my Chameleon (R+) but I miss my Jones. Maybe this will make my Chameleon appealing to sell ;O

  13. Samuel Lopez Jr. says:

    It’s a whack bike,all the components are garbage,not even a dropper post