We’re in Bozeman Jul 13, 2018

Riding bikes, soaking in the Northern Rocky Mountains, and documenting everything in between. Expect lots of fun to come!

  • lyle driver

    Ahem.. we got Rockies further North than that buddy! But yeah, Idaho is pretty great too.

    • boomforeal

      this. in bc we get in trouble from alaskans for referring to our part of the rocky mountains as northern. despite what y’all learn in school and hear in the media, there’s more to the world than the contiguous US!

      • The section of the Rockies in Montana is regarded as the Northern Rocky Mountains. That does not mean it is the most Northern section. North of that you have the Canadian Rockies. North of that you have the Brooks Range… the “Rockies” technically do not extend into Alaska. But whatever… just get out and enjoy them.

        • Thanks! The funny thing is, I looked up the proper way to refer to the mountains because there’s always someone ready to correct you. haha.

    • These mountains are called the Northern Rocky Mountains.

  • Dane_Watt

    Missoula isn’t too far away…