Tracklocross with Resistance Racing in the Bay Area – RJ Rabe

Tracklocross with Resistance Racing in the Bay Area
Photos and words by RJ Rabe

The Bay Area has long been a mecca for cycling. Road, trail, whatever. It’s here. Out your door, in any direction, and for as long as your legs can carry you. There’s a niche for everyone. A few niches probably. Enter Resistance Racing. A niche within a niche. Nick Keane and Jean Padilla, the founders of Resistance, combine their love for track bikes and the abundance of trails our city has to offer. Bummed on race fees, the travel time required for races, and the rarity of events, they decided to start hosting a series of their own in their backyard. Races take place in local parks and entry is donation-based. Courses are marked with lines drawn from bags of flour, fallen tree branches, and maybe a piece of trash or two.

Tracklocross is by no means a new idea and folks in San Francisco have been throwing DIY, underground cross races here for decades. The way has been paved and they’ve taken cues. Resistance stepped up to take tracklocross – racing track bikes or fixed gears with knobby tires – to the next level while adding their own spin. The rules are simple: Fixed gears only. If you’d like you can ride with a brake but with it you won’t be in contention to be city champion. Points are earned based on race results. The person with the most points at the end of the series wins. The rest of the race world could take note from Resistance. With equal pay-out for Men and WTF (women, trans, femme) racers, and WTF racers’ fees being waved, the organizers aim to push the envelope in their new sport and encourage everyone to come race regardless of their skill level or gender. With races currently taking place in The Bay Area, New York, Portland, Los Angeles, D.C., Japan, and with a finale in Minneapolis—Resistance is growing and hopes to expand their series even further next year.

One of my favorite aspects of the series is seeing a new generation of people being introduced to trail riding. Folks who, in the past, I’d only seen ripping around the city on track bikes are now out exploring beyond the streets. Resistance captures the spirit of what made track bikes fun and what makes racing exciting. I’m looking forward to seeing how Resistance grows their sport and to seeing more newcomers out there on trails.


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  • I’m so glad you made this happen RJ!

    • rjrabe

      Thanks for looking out.

  • I still want a t-shirt a Jean! Did Jimmy take all the ones you sent us?!?

  • Chris Valente

    I miss racing in GGP.

  • Justin Scoltock

    Hell yeah, bikes rule!

  • Terry Dean Cain

    i want to do thissss

  • Nicholas Tingey

    I wonder if this is why some of the trails in GGP have been roped off the last couple weeks?

    • Wile-e Coyote

      Which trails exactly? I saw some sections roped off yesterday, but they were newer sections. None of the more established paths.

    • Froste

      They are doing regular trail maintenance. Not sure if it related to cyclists or not. The sand pit has been pretty beat up lately so I think it’s a good thing.

  • Andy-bmore

    Track bikes, dirtbags, radical inclusivity, trail riding… what’s not to love?

  • Nathan Crissman

    Great article and great pics. Growing up in Nova Scotia we used to do similar races. It was hard to get track bikes up there though. There’s some great pics in this link of the same folks:

    • Ross Szendrei

      I go to school in Nova Scotia! Do you know much about the existing bike scene there?

      • Nathan Crissman

        I moved away in 2002, what area are you in? Halifax? If you are, I’d sugget watching Eric Spinney (Spindatt) on youtube He responds a lot in the comments and he races road/gravel, does CX and MTB.

        • Ross Szendrei

          Yes, I go to Dalhousie! Thanks for the tip, I’m always keeping my eyes open for more bike related things in the area.

      • Nathan Crissman

        Sorry man, I moved away in 2002. Are you in Halifax? If so, I’d hit up Eric Spinney:

        He rideds a lot of CX as well as gravel and MTB.

        • Eric Spinney

          scrolling by on an old post and see my name mentioned!

          feeling pretty famous right now

      • Nathan Crissman

        It won’t let me reply! Test test

  • 3j

    A biological male racing as a WTF will still beat a woman 99.9% of the time. Seems like the biological females still get screwed. How about M/F/WTF categories if you really want to be fair.