The Coastal Crew on the Turbo Kenevo Jul 2, 2018

Leave it to Specialized and the Coastal Crew to make a pair of e-bikes look fun. Perhaps because it doesn’t really show them “climbing?” This is for sure to open a can of worms, beat a dead horse, wash mud pies, fish in an empty barrel, checking a rooster for eggs, sweeping a dirt floor, or any number of other idioms. Regardless, that is one fun looking trail.

4 responses to “The Coastal Crew on the Turbo Kenevo”

  1. Ron Callahan says:

    Nothing there that really makes me feel the need to buy an eBike.

    • John Watson says:

      Agreed. Is that why it’s a good video? Or good marketing? Or just propaganda… “see, ebikes aren’t that bad?”

      • Ron Callahan says:

        Makes me want to ride that trail, for sure. Even the rollers that they’re pedaling up don’t look all that daunting, and to me, they look to be going slower on those than they would on a standard bike because they’re pedaling a boat anchor.

  2. Chris Valente says:

    Cool video I guess, but they choose to show e-bikes in the one scenario that makes e-bikes most unnecessary.