Speedvagen Has Counted Your Votes: New GTFO and CKOG Ready Made Bikes Jul 23, 2018

After the Workshop Build Off, Speedvagen counted all the votes on this website, social media, and other forms of chatter to determine the winner. Without a doubt, the GTFO landed the public’s love and a place in the Ready-Made program. But alas, if the GTFO isn’t your speed and you’d like to see a Ready-Made road bike, the team at Speedvagen worked with Chris King on special pricing for an entire King package, resulting in the CKOG road bike. Check out the details for both of these bikes below and see more at Speedvagen.

The Ready Made – GTFO

Don’t call it a touring bike

The Speedvagen GTFO is dedicated and designed with the purpose to squeeze every ounce out of the life. In a world where everyone works more and has more responsibilities, those times to get away and be outdoors are important. Optimized around s24o’s (sub twenty-four-hour overnights), weekend bike camping trips, and day-long gravel events. The GTFO is our most capable, and adaptable platform to date. One thing is for sure, it’s not a touring bike. Made to get the f*ck out… quick. It will have you out to camp after work and back home the next morning in time for breakfast with the family.

The facts:
Initial run of 15 frames available for Pre- Order.
Sizing – Small – Medium – Large – contact us for sizing recommendations. Seat masts are cut for each specific rider.
Price – Stock starts at $4250 Pro starts at $6450 plus upgrades.
Two models – Pro and Stock (pro includes Zipp wheels, carbon bull moose bars, King headset and stainless cog.)

Cranks – Easton EC90SL
EBB – Oner EBB machined by White Industries.
Paint – Gloss or Matte Army Green
Geared? – $500 upgrade for Shimano XT package.
Deposit – $500 locks you in
Upgrades – Lighting, Bags, Carbon Seatpost head.

We’ve carefully chosen the best blend of components for maximum enjoyment, shredability, and durability.
• Single Speed
• Rodeo Labs Fork
• Easton EC90SL Crank
• Cane Creek 40 headset
• Shimano XT Levers to Ultegra flat mount calipers.
• Fabric Scoop saddle with Titanium rail
• Painted to match Pro PLT Stem
• Ritchey seatpost head & Comp Flat bars
• Tons of next level options

Turn around time is TBD as this is a pre-order.

Starting at $4250 fully built.

The Ready Made – King OG

For our third run of limited OG’s, we worked closely with our cross-town partners at Chris King, to bring a ton more value to our already stellar build package with minimal additional cost to you. The King OG is available in Gloss Curtes Silver with Shimano Ultegra components and your choice of anodized color package that includes the Headset, Bottom Bracket, and R45 Hubs. All this for the cost of the Headset and BB upgrade alone.

The facts:
Order window is open until SEPTEMBER 20th.
Price – $5295
Sizes – For the first time 6 standard sizes 50-60cm (60cm is a new size)
Paint – Gloss Metallic Curtes Silver
Chris King Parts – Your choice of King Ano Colors
Deposit – $500 locks you in


We’ve carefully chosen the best blend of components for maximum enjoyment, shredability, and durability.
• Ultegra r8000 build.
• ENVE 2.0 road fork
• Chris King Headset, BB, R45 hubs lace to HED Belgium Plus Rims.
• Schwalbe Pro One Tires
• Fabric Scoop saddle with Titanium rail
• PRO handlebar wrapped in fi’zi:k superlight tacky touch
• Ritchey seatpost head & PRO PLT stem both painted to match
• Tons of next level options

Turn around time is around 4 weeks from the close of pre-order window

Starting at $5295 fully built with Ultegra r8000 mechanical

  • I really thought Anna Maria’s was going to win! My mind is actually blown it didn’t. As much as I wanted my bike to win, people absolutely adored her bike.

    • Her bike crushed the instagram comment voting, but the actual online voting form and likes were waited heavily in favor of the GTFO Pro. The good news is we are also offering a geared upgrade package so a person can easily build something similar if they want to just gotta ask! That paint is off the table though! Her fork reflective details took 5 hours to weed alone…

      • Damien Milazzo

        Hey guys, English Nazi I am not, but just looking to help. Weighted heavily, not waited.


        Also, awesome bike.

  • YaanG

    “weekend bike camping trips” “maximum enjoyment” “single speed”
    Choose two.

  • SirCharles

    How is the chain retained on single speed option? Seems no way to slack /tighten? Magic ratio…

    • YaanG

      Eccentric bottom bracket.

    • Beer Eccentric BB

    • Damien Milazzo

      Yep, and the Beer is great. Allows you to use any of the new cranks with 30mm spindles, including the RF ones, which make swapping gear ratios super simple.

  • Ryan

    Glad to see it was the clear winner. I’m disappointed they’re not using a singlespeed hub though.

    • Francisco Alvarez

      In the name of versatility, it’s not a big disappointment.

    • Damien Milazzo

      The ONER EBB is great. I have one on my SS MTB and its been flawless. And since I use two different wheelsets, it makes it easy to go back and forth between them. Its also far less expensive than the SS hub, and not a gigantic pain in the ass to use.

      • Ryan

        Are you talking bottom brackets? I was talking about the rear hub not being single speed specific (zero dish, wider/stronger, of course cooler too). Regarding the EBB, I’m a Paragon sliders die-hard so I’d have to upgrade my GTFO…if we’re dreaming.

        • Damien Milazzo

          Yep, bottom bracket. And gotcha, I thought you meant the White Industries Eno hub. And I like Paragons, but the ECB is real nice too.

    • Yeah, well, for people that order one, they can specify things like that. :-)

      • Ryan

        Disappointed in that it doesn’t fit the spirit of the build: lots of detail, high-end, full on race machine—without compromise. The original build as well as the stock and pro builds are all single speed, so disappointed in the way of not taking full advantage of that on such a dedicated bike. The convenience of hub that can run gears is not lost on me, but it is a compromise. That was my disappointment, hope it didn’t come across as a fanboi nitpick.