Matt From Crust Bikes Needs Our Help Jul 3, 2018

Look, we all get a bad case of Rubber Side Up from time to time, but Matt from Crust Bikes got it bad. Real bad. An $11,069 surgery bill bad. Bad enough to potentially lead to the end of Crust Bikes as we know it if we can’t help him out. I’m not asking for a handout here, more like support and support can come in the form of buying products, or a frame, or hell, even donating a few bucks to his Go Fund Me, but as Benedict points out in this heart-felt Instagram post:

“Matt is an Australian citizen with no health insurance in this country. His “Transitioning Alien” status doesn’t allow re-entry back in if he were to leave, sinking crust, and separating him from his beloved wife, Cheech.

He needs 2 costly surgeries and just got a huge bill for all these new #romanceur frames”

Yes, two surgeries and that ain’t cheap. Let’s pull together and do what communities do in these moments. xoxo

  • Tom.rides.bikes

    Haven’t had the pleasure of riding a Crust, but I do have one of Matt’s awesome racks. Dude definitely knows how to design a wild rack. I’ll be donating to the Go Fund Me for sure

  • Ryan Flynn

    well that fucking sucks!

  • Chase McNeill

    just bought a tall af crust bikes nalgene!

  • frivelo

    I wonder whether it’s possible to put down a deposit for that lovely Bombora frame. An idea from the other side of the Atlantic: please get your healthcare system together so that people don’t go bankrupt because of minor (or major) injuries. I know, i know, no politics on this blog… never mind!

  • M.R.

    The only developed country with such a dysfunctional healthcare system. No one should have to be in this position, alien or citizen.

  • Thanks so much for the support. I really appreciate it. I will be heading into surgery next week. XOXO