Into the Woods for a Dungeons and Dragons Themed Wildcat

Into the Woods for a Dungeons and Dragons Themed Wildcat
Photos by David Smith, words by Hans Van Housen

On the 1st of July 30-some people showed up for the Dungeons and Dragons-themed Wildcat. Wildcats are alleycat-style checkpoint races, but on dirt, and with no experience necessary. These champions came to the Santa Cruz Forest above UCSC to prove that the Sharpie was indeed mightier than the sword. Four checkpoints scattered about the woods stationed with wizards and space wolves. Each racer had to throw a 20-sided dice and if they threw an 11 or lower they would have to spin in a circle 20 times. If they threw higher then a 12, they’d get their manifest signed and head to the next checkpoint. It was madness.

If the racers didn’t feel like rolling the dice this round, they could Caste an Attack spell and skip the roll. A few more simple rules held people up during the three-lap race that pitted wizards against warriors against necromancers. This was the 8th Wildcat put on by the Cycledelicats, the Santa Cruz DIY CX race creators and cyclocross team.

Each race has been slightly different but this one might have been the most fun. Cyclocross is a year-round possibility in Santa Cruz and with a strong community of cyclists, there are racers and commuters alike, side by side, duking it out. This race was ultimately won by Team Scraper on their new Rock Lobster Tandem. Go figure. Ringers! Other noteworthy contestants were the loin-cloth clad warrior Brendan (2nd place overall), Ivy (1st Woman) as San from Princess Mononoke with her 8-year-old son Otis as a wood spirit, and Sarah as a Harry Potter Snitch. These results will not be posted, but FUCI points were certainly earned. Show up, listen to the pre-race spiel, ride as hard as you can for an hour or two, drink a couple beers, and grab a couple prizes. Just another Wildcat.


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