Golden Saddle Rides: Andrew’s Fairdale Rockitship Chubby Road Bike

This build, like many that arrive as a box of parts and roll out the door of Golden Saddle a beautiful, functional completes, is just filled with great details and components but the thing that ties it all together is the fork. The fork was made by our friend Carlos, aka Weld Street Loco / Dark Moon Fab Works. Carlos lives in Los Angeles, where ha has worked for numerous fabrication companies over the years, before switching to work full-time on frames for Aaron Stinner, and finally, setting up his own shop. Andrew wanted a steel fork for his steel Fairdale Rockitship and Carlos built one to the same spec as the stock fork, but with a few added bits of functionality. He was planning on building it up as a chubby road bike but equipped for light touring and bikepacking. Hence for the need to have bosses on the fork to carry a rack or cargo cages.

The rest of the component selection is on-par with a lot of builds rolling out of GSC’s doors. Not because of the trend but because these are made by people like you and me, who really love bicycles. They love them so much that they want to make the best parts to their abilities, right here in the USA. … and Japan!

Andrew plans on taking on the Oregon Outback route this fall, so wish him luck!


If you want a custom build like this and live in Los Angeles, hit up Golden Saddle Cyclery.

42 responses to “Golden Saddle Rides: Andrew’s Fairdale Rockitship Chubby Road Bike”

  1. Miguel Booth says:

    Goodship or Rockitship?

  2. Nicholas Petersen says:

    That fork is real pretty. Dang.

  3. Andrew Arevalo says:

    Thanks for the lovely photos, John! This build gets a lot of inspiration from the builds I see here on the site.

  4. Ray Juncal says:

    Sweet, good goin’ Andrew.


    Taj, Leif, and the good duders at Fairdale are as solid as they come. Love their stuff! Sklar fork?

    • Andrew Arevalo says:

      Best crew around, humble to be working for them. A friend of our community here in Los Angeles, Carlos, made it for me under Dark Moon Fabrication. He is mentioned up above!

  6. multisportscott says:

    This is awesome. Great build.
    Couple of questions if I may, what cassette is it, and why are you using the Roadlink with what looks to be a R8000 rear derailleur? My understanding is that these derailleurs are usable, unadulterated, for up to a 40t cassette (yes I know Shimano don’t recommend this)?
    Also any thoughts/comments on the ESI bar tape? It seems like a fantastic product but haven’t heard any comments on it.
    Thanks from NZ

    • Andrew Arevalo says:

      It is a Shimano Xt CS-M8000 11-42t Cassette.
      The Roadlink is a DM (Direct Mount) version which works perfectly fine in this set up, I previously used a Roadlink set up with a medium cage 105 derailleur and had never had issues with it. Even on my loaded SF to LA 560 mile trip.
      I personally love ESI and have them on all of my current bikes besides my BMX. You can clean the tape, absorbs road chatter well and gives a postive feedback when gripping.

      • multisportscott says:

        Thanks for replying Andrew.
        Yes I noticed it was the DM version of the Roadlink.
        Thanks also for the comments on the ESI tape. I’m currently collating bits n pieces for a new build so this intel all helps.
        Cheers, S

      • Sebastian Burnell says:

        Sorry to ask this maybe stupid question: the capacity of the ultegra derailleur is 39 teeth. The Roadlink does not increase the capacity. I would have thought, that therefore 42 teeth will ruin the derailleur much faster…

        • boomforeal says:

          not a stupid question, it’s a bit confusing. capacity refers to the range the derailleur can cover: a derailleur with a 39 tooth capacity can accommodate a total range of 39 teeth, including large-to-small cog differences front and rear. since andrew is running a single front chainring, he’s well within the derailleur’s capacity limit (total range = 42 – 11 = 31); the roadlink allows the derailleur to be used with the wider range cassette

          • Andrew Arevalo says:

            Yes! Wolf Tooth as a pretty nifty chart on thier site that helped me out with this set up. I have used it on my previous bike so it was a no brainer on this set up.

          • Sebastian Burnell says:

            Ahh, thinking about the derailleur I totally forgot that it is a 1x setup and not 2x like mine…sorry. Of course this works! (Although the biggest cog (said by shimano) for the ultegra is 34 teeth)

          • boomforeal says:

            the goatlink is probably key to this setup – but shimano is notoriously conservative about the max-tooth capacity of their derailleurs. for example, the freeride model of their 10 spd zee derailleur is rated up to 32 teeth max – but can handle 40 teeth without modification or flinching

          • Sebastian Burnell says:

            I wonder if the roadlink dm could lift a Tiagra RD-4700 10 speed derailleur to 1×42…would be an affordable road/gravel setup…

      • James says:

        Wait sorry that’s a Shimano XT cassette right? Have you got some ratio converter hidden away that I can’t see? Oh wait no, Ultegra shifter and derailleur…. but then MTB cassette? How does that work?

  7. nghm15 says:

    Such a great build AND he rocks a GW670

  8. JimmyMcNulty says:

    This is a glorious bike. I see the 1x White Ind Cranks with silver arms and black ring all the time but this might be the first time I’ve seen the opposite. Almost went this route on my upcoming Rock Lobster but ended up going silver on silver instead.

  9. Trenton South says:

    Love seeing more fairdale builds on here. Nuno, Taj and Leif are the best. I agree that the fork makes the build on this bike. I’d love to build a rockitship but with a hunter fork.

    • Andrew Arevalo says:

      Best crew around! Happy to be working with them. I orginally wanted a Hunter fork but when I saw Carlos was starting up shop and moved locally to me I knew I had to support that.

  10. Dexter says:

    This is a beaut of a ride! Out of interest what’s the weight of something like this? Not that it really matters…

  11. Florianhassler says:

    Tapered headtube and slim steel fork never work for me. Apart from that: stunner!

  12. Jeff Ault says:

    Nice Andrew! Going to be building something similar soon….might have golden saddle build it…their builds look so sweet!

  13. Kevin Mulcahy says:

    Are those Cowchipper handlebars?

  14. glenn n says:

    So good Andrew!!

  15. dang3rtown says:

    Awesome build! All I really want to know though… how do you get the bike to just stand like that? Are there hidden wires or photoshop magic or something? How you do that?!

  16. George says:

    will 650b wheels fit frames size S-L? I have a M sized Fairdale Weekender 2016 and would like to which out 700c to 650b wheels and 37 tires can that be done?

  17. Mark McGrath says:

    Holy Cow this is a really cool bike!