Abbey Bike Tools New Decade Chain Tool Jul 12, 2018

For those unfamiliar with this brand, the $175 pricepoint might come as a sticker shock, especially considering there are tools at a fraction of this MSRP, yet those other companies are not Abbey Bike Tools. Many mechanics will argue that when you wrench on bikes for a living, it’s nice to have quality tools and if Abbey knows one things, it’s nice tools. I love their description:

“After two years of design, testing, revisions, more testing, and more tweaking, Abbey Bike Tools’s Chain Tool is dialed and ready to put a wide eyed grin on your face. We broke over 10,000 chains on a single tool and pin during the development of the new tool. That’s 3 chain installs a day every day for a decade, hence the name”Decade”.”

Now that’s dedication! See more on the Decade at Abbey.

  • blob blobbet

    The addition of a bottle opening feature would probably justify it for me.

  • Certainly a good investment for a shop mechanic. Although I’d be hesitant to consider it more reliable than the park tool shop grade chain breaker. I’ve had the park ct-5 mini tool for years. It was less than $20 at my LBS and has a replaceable pin. Never had a single issue. You can’t beat that, especially for that price. If you’re a home mechanic, or someone who carries one in your tool bag as a just in case, I think you’d have to have more money than sense to buy this. Buuuut, like anyone, I can appreciate a quality made tool. 🤙🏼

  • disqus_k7ryfFpSZb

    As a shop mechanic, but not a race mechanic, I’m on the fence about this tool. A Rohloff Revolver 3 does all the same things, in perhaps an even more professional way, and can be had cheaper for me. It would be larger than this, but that’s not a problem since I don’t carry my tools everywhere. This tool capitalizes on weight, while maintaining an average size, but probably won’t perform its duties in any spectacular way. At this price point, I expect better ergonomics and longer handles for tired hands. Maybe if I could try it for a day I’d change my mind.

    • Jason Quade

      The Decade is pretty big in the hand and has a lot of leverage. It’s one of the bigger chain tools out there actually. Hard to tell seeing it on it’s own and not in a hand. They’ll be shipping in October.

  • Nate-o

    Oh man, I’m gunna have to add some pockets to my wool underwear for these.