A New Kind of Belt Technology Jul 9, 2018

Veer is offering up an innovative product; a splittable belt, aptly named the Split Belt M1. See more at Veer.

8 responses to “A New Kind of Belt Technology”

  1. Donald Stevenson says:

    Do they actually show the attachment method anywhere? Some launch.

    • Dario says:

      I saw one of their production models at Sea Otter, its essentially a long v-shaped split that’s joined by a dozen or so pins along its length.
      Their chain tensioner is clunky, but the system seems pretty great overall.

      • Donald Stevenson says:

        Thanks, I was wondering how they would retain flexibility, so spreading out the attachment lengthwise with pins makes sense, and the V you describe would prevent twisting. I can imagine how challenging it must be for a company to protect its intellectual property, especially with a new product, so I don’t begrudge them the caution. I wish them well!

        • Dario says:

          Same here! They’ve got a great proof of concept, I just hope they can market it elegantly enough for it to stick.

  2. Nicholas Petersen says:

    They need to make a spacer-less version of their chainring bolts for conventional single ring set ups. 5/6mm allen head Ti chainring bolts? Yes Please.

  3. séamuis says:

    Their website says they will be releasing a model designed for “fixed gear and single speed hubs” so I’ll take that to mean traditional thread on? If they put out a rear freewheel I can thread onto my track hub, I just might be on board with this. Since I’d be using it on a frame with horizontal dropouts I wouldn’t need that ugly tensioner as well. They need to come up with some better looking (and larger) chainrings though.