The NEW Wicked Fat Chance Enduro is One Rowdy Hardtail

With the rebirth of the Fat Chance brand, the success of the Yo Eddy’s Kickstarter reviving the brand, the team has worked on modernizing the vintage catalog. With the Yo Eddy 2.2, Chris and his team updated the hardtail model with clearances for plus tires, a new dropout design, and boost spacing. But what about people who want a rowdier stance in a bike? Well, for them, Chris and his team designed what they’re calling the Wicked Fat Chance Enduro, a bike that sports an aggressive geometry, designed to go downhill. This prototype sports a longer top tube, a 65º head angle, a boost rear spacing, internal dropper routing, and an even lower top tube, thanks to the braced seat tube cluster. The team at Fat Chance said this bike was designed for a 27.5″ tire, yet another version is on the way that will fit the popular 27.5+/29″ platform.

Head to Fat Chance now to place a pre-order for this frame, which is priced at $1,799 in the Yo Eddy colorways.


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  • Jason Rides Bikes

    *runs a slamset on rowdy hardtail frame…… doesn’t slam stem :)

  • Ceol Mor

    As difficult as it is for me to say (I’m a big admirer of Chris Chance’s work), this bike is not very attractive. Eye of the beholder, obviously. Form follows function though, so I’m hoping it rides great!

    I nearly bought an original Fat Chance during the golden age of mountain biking when I was looking to purchase my first serious mountain. I ended up staying local (I’m west coast), and bought a frame I don’t regret. But, I still wish I would have bought that Fat Chance.

  • R.P. Treb

    I think it’s a beauty. I’ll take mine in that green fade to black i have seen on the Eddy. So nice.

  • Tomás

    Nice, it is like a Nordest Bardino

  • R. M.

    No SS option?

    • Wyatt Cave

      I’m too tempted to agree with you, but it’s tough to justify with this geo. Guess people SS for different reasons though…

  • George T Rosselle

    It needs some custom paintwork from Leni Fried.

  • boomforeal

    the angles look modern enough, but that top-tube-seat-tube brace is straight out of 1999

    • Yeah, a lot of hardtail manufacturers are doing that with bikes like this. Namely UK makers.

      • boomforeal

        really? who?

        • trololo

          curtis bikes rock a wee brace like that

          • boomforeal

            i’d hardly call this a “wee brace” – it’s a third the length of the top tube

          • trololo

            Brace too long 2/10 would not bang

          • boomforeal

            darn tootin

        • Trillium, Cotic, Kingdom, Nordest, BTR, Bird, NS, Orange.

          • boomforeal

            oh sorry YES, many hardcore hardtails feature a gusset between the seat tube and the top tube to allow the top tube to be dropped for a bit more stand over

            but a brace that long? i think you have to go back to something like the 1999 balfa bb7 to to find something like that

            and for good reason: a long brace increases stand over height. i’m not sure what advantages this design provides over running a top tube straight from the ht to the seat tube junction

    • earle.b

      If that brace was half the length it would look much better.

      Also i’d say if you’re the type of person rocking a modern slack geo hardtail you’re likely also the type of person that doesn’t need a ton of stand over height.

      • Yeah, the Kingdom I’m reviewing has one, not that long but I like it for hauling a bike up rock faces, etc.

      • boomforeal

        mmmm bow legged tabletops

  • AdamBike99

    Aesthetics aside, why bother releasing a super rowdy hardtail without 27.5+/29″ capability? More volume = more rowdy.
    Additionally, is there really a need for two models of one bike?

  • Explor_Mor

    That bike looks like a boat load of fun

  • Dustytires

    Droopy cables under the down tube and a heinous carry handle. I do hope this is a first shot at the design.

  • JCurtis

    Meh. Just get a more better Guerrilla Gravity Pedalhead.