SRAM Announces Eagle NX Jun 14, 2018

Well, it’s happened. SRAM’s Eagle technology has trickled down to the NX group, offering a very affordable component group with a 11-50t range. I’ve been running various models of Eagle technology on my bikes, and can’t see myself going back anytime soon. See more at SRAM.

  • Heffe

    That’s cool, but: When oh when will the Eagle technology finally trickle over to the CX side, is all that I really care about!

    • bicyclecrumbs

      You can run eagle on a cross bike with a Paul Sram shifting adapter and SS Levers…

      • AdamBike99

        I do that with GX 11-speed.

        • Benny Watson

          You can run a GX 11 speed with 10 speed SRAM road shifters. Will that also work with a 12 speed Eagle RD?

          • Heffe

            SRAM shifter and derailleur compatibility is determined by whether they are Exact Actuation or X Actuation. Also, if a shifter has enough clicks to shift across all of the cogs in a cassette.

          • Benny Watson

            Yeah. Brain fart here. 10 won’t shift 12. I was remembering backwards.

          • AdamBike99

            No idea, though I can’t imagine how it would work. I was referring to this: (to go from flat bars to drop bars).

      • Only on 31.8mm bars and only if you’re happy shifting by the stem. It’s a way, but it’s hardly a solution.

    • Nick Wood

      SRAM road shifters are so simple, some smart person should machine an Eagle-compatible ratchet gear.

    • Rumors say it’s coming… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

      • Yemble

        Road version will be a watershed, I reckon. Have used 11sp 1x and 2x on road.. 12sp with that kind of range will be the end of the double chainset for a lot of people.

      • That’s the last thing I need to hear when I’m building up a new bike.

    • macatarere

      Going in the opposite direction; an 11 speed PG-1170 cassette cut down to 7 speed 17-36 is the nicest CX ride I have :). Chorus 11 shifters, Tanpan 11, Zee derailleur.

  • NX differentiates from the rest of the Eagle groups by being 11-50. Still a respectable gear range, and as such, usable on the freehubs that most people already have. I just got a GX Eagle group for my FS bike, but I’m liking the idea of getting an NX cassette for my hardtail with GX bits for the rest. That way I don’t have to install an XD driver on my Hope hubs.

  • Sam Scavo

    What exactly is the Eagle part all about? We have GX and NX on some of the bikes in our stable and they shift fine to me. What do I get by “putting a bird on it”?

    • a 50t rear 12-speed cassette range. Your GX and NX goes to 42t 11-speed

      • Sam Scavo

        got it. thanks. much more succinct than SRAM’s explanation,