Snēk Cycling Lifeboat Tire Lever Jun 5, 2018

By now, I’m sure most of you have at least one bike with tubeless tires. Part of owning a tubeless setup is having the right tools to keep you rolling fret-free. Snēk Cycling’s newest product, the Lifeboat Tire Lever has a few added details to help maintain tubeless tires, as well as the tried and true functionality of a classic tire lever. See more at their Kickstarter.

  • bloibl

    check out the Tubeless Solutions Bead Biter levers. they address the the valve stem problem on the trail and are built better than any that I’ve seen.

  • Charlie D

    My relationship with tubes is still fully intact. That said I still need a core remover at times (tightener really) so I can see this as being handy. Lastly, if you need a bottle opener to open a beer in a bike shop (or outdoors) you need to give up drinking. Tire levers are bottle openers. The bottle opener integration has run it’s course. Good luck though, and my Snek cap is still a favorite.

  • JLivingood

    It’d be nice to have an option that omits the bottle opener. It’s nice to combine the lever with valve core remover though. But I’d prefer to keep my tools as small and light as possible if I am carrying them on the bike. There are plenty of other ways to open a bottle.

  • Barry Tantlinger

    That’s a pretty faulty assumption.

  • Alex Steadman

    If you work at a shop or know anyone who does these things are tops. Or you can find some spare change: