Help Us Make the Radavist Better Jun 11, 2018

In an attempt to make your experience of this site better, we’re working on a re-design, with some new branding, and some new ideas, but I’d like to kindly ask to take a few minutes of your time to fill out a questionnaire we compiled in hopes of understanding how you, the readers, use this website. We’d also like to encourage you to write to our Contact email address with any concerns or critiques, again to make this a better place!

Also, the time has come to finally bring on some more authors, specifically women! So if you’re a female (femme) photographer and a writer, or perhaps a writer that can shoot photos too, please email our Contact email address with samples of your work and let’s chat!

You can find our anonymous survey at this Google Docs link!

Side note: check in below where I’ll address any points coming through the results…

9 responses to “Help Us Make the Radavist Better”

  1. John Watson says:

    Thanks for the awesome feedback so far! I’d like to clear up a common misconception raised by a few people in the anonymous survey regarding “sponsored posts.”

    In short, we don’t do sponsored posts. If we do, there is complete 100% transparency. In fact, the only post I can think of in recent memory that was ‘sponsored’ was the Subaru project in Death Valley. If anything else looks sponsored, I can assure you it’s not. Maybe other sites do it differently, but we’re completely transparent about this.

    The only money this site receives is from the ads on the right.

    Where the misconception arises probably has to do with the brands that advertise here popping up in the coverage, or the news / Radar posts, and while it might look suspicious, there’s nothing going on here behind the scenes, other than we like to have brands that we respect / admire / and products we actually use advertise with us. If they put out a new stem, or backpack, or tire, it will most likely pop up in the news feed because we want you to know about it, that’s all and because the ads change so frequently we don’t want their presence to influence the content in any way. You’ll never see a company pay to have their products IN the content. Only IN the ad section.

    We don’t “swap out” cranks, brakes or other components for photo shoots. We leave the bikes as-is. Sure, there have been a lot of White Industries cranks, Brooks Cambiums, Paul Klampers and other such products on the bikes we shoot, but that’s because they’re great, reliable products, that’s it. I’m sure the brands LOVE seeing their products on the website, but they don’t pay money, or influence us in other ways to get them there.

    No money is ever received to “shout out” or post about products. Sometimes an event organizer will pay for travel / hotel / etc to cover our expenses, but no one is getting paid to cover an event either.

    Thanks! This survey has been VERY helpful, I just wanted to address an overarching critique up front.

  2. Kyle Aubrey says:

    Call me crazy but I love the site as is. I look forward to new content every day and would love to see even more. I really have to get to LA because all these rides just look too good. Keep up the awesome work John and company!

    • John Watson says:

      Thank you! Part of this redesign is just progression. We designed this site over 4 years ago and in that time, the content has gotten better, so I want more photo+words integration, etc.

  3. Aesca Dun says:

    How is it anonymous if we have to include our email address?! Semantics but still… More ‘beautiful bikes’ for me, I need to fawn over a new bike daily… Oh and more UK/European content please, I need to see grey skies and rain in photos make me feel comfortable ;) Loving the evolution of the site though, looking forward to seeing where in goes from here.

  4. chris mcgovern says:

    Sarah Sturm would be a great fit

  5. séamuis says:

    More European and Asian coverage if possible, is all I can really think of.

  6. LG says:

    better site navigation – where are the archives? google has them, but your website does not.