Help Us Make the Radavist Better


Help Us Make the Radavist Better

In an attempt to make your experience of this site better, we’re working on a re-design, with some new branding, and some new ideas, but I’d like to kindly ask to take a few minutes of your time to fill out a questionnaire we compiled in hopes of understanding how you, the readers, use this website. We’d also like to encourage you to write to our Contact email address with any concerns or critiques, again to make this a better place!

Also, the time has come to finally bring on some more authors, specifically women! So if you’re a female (femme) photographer and a writer, or perhaps a writer that can shoot photos too, please email our Contact email address with samples of your work and let’s chat!

You can find our anonymous survey at this Google Docs link!

Side note: check in below where I’ll address any points coming through the results…