Golden Saddle Rides: Ryan and His Avery County Cycles Light Tourer

It’s always fun to see projects like this unfold. A few years back, Josh from Avery County Cycles built this 650b light tourer up for a customer, who returned it shortly after due to it not fitting the size tire they wanted to ride. It’s a bummer for a builder to deliver a product that doesn’t please their client, but it happens. For a while, Josh just kept the frame as it hung in his shop. Eventually, Josh decided to close Avery County, and posted the frame up on his Instagram with a note saying it’s for sale.

Ryan is a customer at Golden Saddle and a regular. You’ll often find him ripping around on his Ritchey or hanging out at the shop on a Saturday afternoon. When he expressed an interest in building up a light tourer, Kyle showed him the Avery and they made it happen. Ryan built this bike with a mindful component selection, ranging from the rare Paul Component Van Halen Mini-Motos, to a Pass and Stow rack, Sinewave Beacon light, running from a SON hub and various other tried and true components. He wants to take this bike on a tour this summer, once he can get some time off work, but for now, he takes it all over the dirt roads surrounding this bustlin’ city.

Builds like this are really special, especially with the backstory on this frame.


If you want a custom build like this and live in Los Angeles, hit up Golden Saddle Cyclery.

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    Great stuff all round. Miss seeing Josh and his bikes…

    • Rye Young

      Amazing bikes. I hope he dusts off his skills again and has another go.

  • Kyle Deven

    Ry Ry <3

    • Rye Young


  • Todd Hansen

    Eagle and rim brakes <3

    • Rye Young

      You’ll notice GSC’s newest shirts have a rim break logo and the slogan “GIVE ME A BRAKE” that was a sign! I knew this bike was meant for me when it didn’t have discs.

  • Randomly seeing Ryan ripping around town on this bike, with the biggest smile on his face is all that matters. Pure bliss. This is when I am reminded why we ride bikes! Ryan loves everything about bikes and that’s how you build the perfect bicycle! This is a perfect bicycle, real nerd shit. Ryan…I salute you!

    • Rye Young

      I call it my “masterpiece” a true obsessive dream machine.

    • You guys should get together and ride. four hairy ass legs pedaling around.

  • Zian

    How does one order a custom bike and not have it fit to one’s desired tire? lol

    • Rye Young

      Trends change, wants change.

      • We as consumers never know what we want.

        Side note: did the customer want a fat bike? The tires in this photoshoot are massive. cant imagine needing anything larger.

        • Rye Young

          The frame can fit a 1.9. He wanted something in the 2.0 range. This works just fine for me!

      • mrbiggs

        We only know what we want until some new Radavist post tells us we want something else.

    • Rim width, tire measurements, etc. People rarely send their components to a builder to ensure proper fit, or perhaps their mind changes about how big they’d like to go. Bottom line: when a customer isn’t happy, a builder is in a tough place.

      • Zian

        It’s just hard for me to imagine not being pretty confident with component choices when committing to a custom frame, and then being so unhappy as to back out at the end too.

      • Matthew J

        Yeah, it’s easy to overlook what a difference a few mm in rim width make. Wider tires are great but often push the builder to the edge. Original buyer definitely should have the rims and tires with the builder from the start.

    • rocketman

      I know who originally ordered the frame. If I recall he wanted it to fit Schwalbe Thunder Burts at 2.1″. Clearance ended up too tight. Glad to see someone grabbed the bike, It’s super nice.

      • Yeah, I recall it was Thunder Burts too, like the Elephant Bikes NFE.

  • Peter Hedman

    Whoa! What a smorgasbord of tasty bits and pieces – at first it felt a little funky to me, but as a whole its nice and tidy. Really digging the MKS stainless toe clips on the lamdas…

    • Rye Young

      I would hope you would catch the funk that was intended! You have a well trained eye. You should see my other bike it’s like the George Clinton of CX. They are king cage cages and it was a super afterthought but amazing at helping me cope with flat pedals and that added upstroke pull with eagle really gets me anywhere with minimal effort.

      • California Travis

        Love this bike Ryan, stoked to see those Van Halen’s in the cut!

        • Rye Young

          Thanks! I wanted to utilize the rear brake cable stop on the frame so I went for a set of touring canti’s. Im a fan of subtle splashes of rad so I’m glad they only made the VH run in mini moto. It satisfied my creative wants and also my wallet. It will rarely be seen under paniers and a basket bag but when it comes into view, it reminds me to keep on 🤘🏼🇺🇸.

  • Justin Scoltock

    Damn fine build, Ryan. Love that it looks thrown together with parts-bin parts but all those parts are hella dialed. Now just get that time off of work!

  • Justin Kraft

    Such a rad bike. Thanks for sharing.

  • This bike has got so much good stuff going on. Thanks for posting.

  • dan scheie

    Great, now I want to put bullmoose bars and a basket on my Space Horse. Thaaanks.

    Wonderful build, great to see the frame have a second chance at life!

  • Area45

    My favorite headbadge!

  • Sean Talkington