Breadwinner’s Rowdy Prototype 27.5+ Hardtail

For brands like Breadwinner, nothing is ever 100% finalized in terms of bike geometry and design. Particularly when it comes to Tony Pereira’s pursuit of the perfect hardtail. With already three hardtails – the Goodwater, Bad Otis, and JB Racer – in their catalog, Tony is always looking towards the future of hardtail design, oftentimes experimenting with tubing, geometry and other details to set Breadwinner’s bikes apart from others in the market.

Last month, we took to Bend, Oregon for the Chris King Swarm event, and Tony was riding this new Breadwinner Prototype. Built with Veriwall stays, a vintage Zona downtube – hence the bend at the head tube junction; modern mtb forks don’t hit the downtube like vintage ones used to – PAUL Klampers, PAUL Boxcar stem, and SRAM Eagle GX. Tony has always been a Shimano guy, but was interesting in trying out a lot of new parts, as well as some geo tweaks on this 150mm travel hardtail mountain bike. Then, to top it off, the chassis is rolling on Sugar Wheel Works wheels!

Breadwinner, like all small brands, wants to avoid stagnant bikes and one way of keeping the waters moving is experimentation. From the looks of this prototype, they’re moving in the right direction.

Keep an eye on Breadwinner for more updates! Got any comments or critiques? Let’s hear them!


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  • Drew Carlson

    Do you know how the Geo differs from their other hard tail offerings? Beautiful bike.

    • Tony didn’t get into specifics. My guess is this is the Bad Otis 2.0. Since it’s also a 150mm hardtail, with very similar lines but with what appears to be a shorter rear end, more stand-over, with a slightly steeper HTA. By comparison, the Bad Otis looks slacker and longer…

      • Drew Carlson

        Ah yes I totally see that, thanks!

      • Keith Lee

        Looks like more BB drop too from those pictures.

    • Drew (and John), This is pretty much a Goodwater with shorter chainstays. Same HTA (67.5) and BB drop (55mm), but the chainstays are 420mm instead of 440mm. This makes the bike a little quicker around tight turns. It also eliminates the ability to run 29″ wheels, which is something you can do on the GW. Fork is a 140, not 150. I’ve ridden it a handful of times now and it’s a blast! Maybe an improvement on the GW with the slightly shorter chainstays, but I find that it actually makes it a little trickier to wheelie and manual, so I might have to try 430 next time! Instead of the Zona tube on this bike we’re likely to switch to a not bent, 9/6/9 butted Vari-Wall tube. Samples are on the way. The Goodwater has always used a TrueTemper tube, but we’ve only got a few of those left, hence the need to find a replacement.

      • Ah cool! thanks!

      • Jonathan Gresley

        Can’t wait to see what this becomes! Colors look awesome. 👍 to one wheel size and fat-ish tires. Dig it!

  • big Al

    Nice. The guy that has the kirk x peg has a great new rigid BreadWinner, definitely feature worthy. Good stuff !

  • Avuncular

    I want a suede Flite!

  • Dexter

    this looks like a lot of fun to ride!

  • Peter Chesworth

    BW always look like they know what they are doing. Look right. Balance. Quality. I hope they make buckets of money.

  • nothingfuture

    This bike makes me happy.
    For me, it’s a pretty simple recipe: hardtail (preferably steel), short chainstays, long top tube, long fork, and big tires.
    It’s nice to see Breadwinner execute that recipe with such grace.

  • Ryan

    Always enjoy seeing (and dreaming of) Breadwinners—beautifully thought out and built. My only critique is never seeing adjustable drops like the almighty sliders.