Add 40mm of Overall Width to Your Favorite MTB Bar with the Control Tech Terminator Bar Extender Plugs Jun 12, 2018

It’s happened more often than not; finding a bar that I really love but perhaps it comes in just shy of my preferred overall width. On a MTB bar that margin is in actuality quite small. Earlier this year, I came across the Control Tech Terminator bar extender plugs. They’re a simple design, with an expanding clamp that inserts into your favorite MTB bar and tightens down, adding 2cm to either end of the bar, and 40mm in overall width. Using simple math, that takes a bar that is 760mm to 800mm. Or in the case of my Hunter rigid 29’r with 710mm wide Nitto Bullmoose bars – which always felt a little narrow for my broad shoulders – into more comfortable 750mm overall. They come in two clamp sizes; 22.2mm and 23.8mm. They’re a little product with a big impact and at around $20 for a set, won’t dent your wallet. The only bad news is it appears they’ve been discontinued, so your shop will have a hard time tracking them down, but luckily, they can still be found online and on eBay…

  • Nicky Assaf

    I have been running the exact same setup on my Touring rig for the last few years, I love the bullmoose bars but always found them very narrow at 6’4”. Again the fact that they are discontineed makes them a pain to find but they can still be had on some of the German Ecomm sites. It would be great if they made a set of wider bullmoose bars with shorter stem length from factory.

    • Brian Richard Walbergh

      Yeah the 90mm extension just doesn’t work with most modern geometries, 60mm @ 760mm wide would be ideal.

  • Matt Karwoski

    Pretty damn genius idea

  • Ted Barbeau

    Wow…I was just about ready to ditch a pair of Ritchey Bullmoose bars because I couldn’t get used to the width. One listing on eBay suggests they work with carbon bars. Can anyone corroborate?

  • adventureroadbiker

    A good machine shop could probably adapt a set of regular plugs.

    • Truth. Although the expanding collet would be a hard detail…

      • adventureroadbiker

        Oh yeah, I was thinking you’d take that bit from another bar end plug. A few BMX brands seem to use a similar design.
        just get the machine shop to make an extender to replace the standard cap.

  • t h

    I found these a while back on Amazon and added them to my wish list. I just checked and the 22.2mm ones are still available for $20.xx and Prime.

    • Rye Young

      Just got mine today and put them on and it’s a nice added comfort.

  • Transit

    Looks like maybe they were “updated” for 2018. May be limited availability right now but they hopefully will be more readily available in the near future at your LBS.

  • Sébastien C. O’Neill

    It’s a great idea. ODI makes a similar concept, but I think they are limited to their actual handlebars ’cause of the threads on the plugs.

  • Alex Steadman

    We used to find the longest bar ends possible (metal ones with an expanding core) and cut maybe a half inch of old bar and add width that way. This seems a little safer.

  • Jake Kruse

    Don’t work with Hunter Smooth Move bars. Ask me how I know…

    • Really?! Why not? They work with other Sim Works bars / Nitto bars. Did you order the right ones? (MTB not road)

      • Jake Kruse

        Yeah I was surprised. Outer diameter lines up but the threaded cone piece is too large to fit inside the bar.

    • Jake Kruse

      Also don’t play well with Ergon and many other lock on grips. Even if you crank the bolt down it will still rotate easily under pressure.

      • Andrew Patrizzi

        oh boy…. i read this AFTER ordering 2 sets…. hopefully the’ll play nice with my Ergons or I’ll be finding new grips i guess.