A La Bicyclette Rychtarski Flat Bar ‘Cross Bike – Kyle Kelley

A La Bicyclette Rychtarski Flat Bar ‘Cross Bike
Photos by Kyle Kelley, words by John Watson

A quick and even thorough internet search for the brand Rychtarski doesn’t turn up much. There’s a Facebook page for the brand, as well as a handful of Instagram posts, mostly of singlespeeds and track bikes, with a few modern road or all-road bikes in the mix. For the most part, the Polish brand Rychtarski has a pretty low-key presence at least from over here in the USA. But this bike isn’t a US-based bike, it’s owned by one of the guys at La Bicyclette, and it’s a total beaut!

Made from one of my all-time favorite tubesets, Columbus MAX, this rim-brake, flatbar ‘cross bike is perfect for inner-city living, where getting out of the myriad of paved or cobbled roads, in order to hit the dirt is a must.

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