Wolf Tooth and Spurcycle Teamed Up on a ReMote Belltower May 23, 2018

Two of my absolute favorite brands teamed up to create an absolute genius accessory for MTBs, especially for those who choose not to use an awareness bell system. The ReMote Belltower mounts your Spurcycle Bell to the Wolf Tooth dropper post ReMote. See more at Wolf Tooth!

  • I would be more excited if spurcycle sold replecement rubber kits for their bells, but there you go.

      • Shut me up why don’t you.

        • cjlovell

          If you have an original bell from the kickstarter campaign they’ll send you a new rubber for free. The original one used had an issue which caused it to disintegrate and break.

          • Yea that’s exactly why I stopped using mine. I was a kickstarter backer.

          • cjlovell

            Send them an email, they’ll sort you out.

  • Tim Durack
  • Fluent In Campagnolo

    I never knew I needed this until now

  • merlinvoodoo

    I still think the Timber Mountain bell is a better way to go as it is passive (I don’t have to ring it). Hikers hear me coming before I see them. Not so with this bell.

    • That’s what I use. Especially for all our trails in LA which are shelves and usually filled with blind turns.

  • From what I’ve seen for that bell this is a pretty good deal. Either black or silver for 39 bucks. Granted the cheapest shipping is 12 bucks from LA to Seattle… (or $80 if I wanted it next day?!?)