The Breadwinner G-Road 27.5 Road Bike May 14, 2018

While our first introduction to Breadwinner’s G-Road bike here on the Radavist showed the frame built up as a dirt-shredder, the latest builds from the Portland-based frame building outfit have these bikes built up as all-day endurance road or randonneuring bikes. Even though I live in a dry and arid environment, I’ve always loved the way a fendered 650b or 27.5 bike looks. Breadwinner is able to build these bikes to custom spec, including provisions for racks, fenders, generator lamps, or just stripped down and ready to get dirty off-road rigs, all with a sick Igleheart segmented fork. Head to Breadwinner Cycles to see more information.

  • Tim Guarente

    I love the stance of the little white one; it looks stacked.

  • Sebastian Burnell

    urgghh, reflex line…(-;