Niner is Either Pushing Buttons or Pushing the Envelope with the MCR May 4, 2018

Four years ago, while visiting a big cycling company, a bike like this was hanging in a corner of a conference room. It was a prototype that they said would never see the light of day. At the time, I joked about how it would cause such a stir amongst both mountain bikers and road cyclists alike. While the other brand kept their bike locked up, Niner went public with the same idea. They created the MCR, displayed it at Sea Otter, and just leaked a bit of information, slating a 2019 dealer release, making it official:

“So, with our expertise in off-road bikes, we’ve developed a gravel bike that can tackle the roughest roads without sacrificing performance for comfort. The MCR utilizes Niner’s patented CVA suspension design with a leverage ratio tuned specifically for shorter travel, suspending the whole bike, not just the rider, bringing greater comfort, control and efficiency to the gravel riding experience. This means you’ll be able to run higher tire pressure, which will come in handy when you need to switch from road to groad. No more adjusting tire pressure mid-ride.”

Read more at Niner and I’m sure you all have strong opinions about this one!

  • Chris Dunand

    new gruntier G-Ones??

  • I look at this bike, and I think: “I get you. I know not everyone will, or they will but choose to egotistically dislike you. Chin up though, because you’re awesome.” And the truth is that it’s a damn cool bike. I mean, don’t we all do this in way? My daily rider and commuter is built from a high end road frame. I ride it with a short stem, swept back bars, single speed and 35mm tyres. Topped off with a 61t chainring. But it’s also built using dura ace road and track parts. It pisses of the roadies, the old retrogrouches the track bike purists and the commuters with equal aplomb. Nobody gets it and everyone says I should own X instead. But dammit if I dont love it. If you really want to piss some off though, you could just say “isn’t this just a fancy, over priced hybrid? I could get one for a few hundred at Walmart.”

    • Jonathan

      You had me up to “61t chainring”

    • david__g

      I think if you think a bike, or your bike, or any bike really pisses someone off I’d suggest you’re just a little too into yourself.

      • I could suggest the same for someone who takes obvious satire as something deeper, for the sake of a snarky internet comment.

        • colavitos_ghost

          FWIW, your post was not “obvious satire.”

          • Really? Because the very first sentence seems pretty obvious. So it would stand to reason the rest of the post would be in the same spirit. Never the less, if it’s not obvious one way or the other, why waste time just to post a purposefully snarky comment? You know, for what it’s worth.

  • Datech Dahaus

    a mountain bike with road handlebars

    • I don’t see it! ;-)

      • Richard

        You’re not squinting hard enough!

  • Jordan Muller

    Rule 74-D6: always photograph a bike in the big ring.

  • Dr J

    Please tell me they didn’t develop this thing to avoid “adjusting tire pressure mid-ride”! I may be behind the newest trends but I have never heard this being a problem before. And why would I want higher tire pressure when moving from pavement to gravel road?

    • I think they made this because it looks like it’ll be a LOT of fun to ride. The tire pressure stuff is probably a post-development rationalization/realization. IMO anyway. I gotta say, this would be an interesting/different ride quality.

  • Dustin Sharp

    Shoulda called it the FBF, or Fugly But Fun. Still, no one needs a big ring that big.

  • Aaron Best

    Let’s see the flat-earthers explain this.


  • Paul Rowland

    They showed these last year what has changed? Oh yeah they sold the company.

  • AaronBenjamin

    Most controversial bike ever or second most controversial bike ever?

  • Peter Chesworth

    What a tremendously terrific looking hunk of fun. For the aged and wizened amongst us, riding something, how you say, bouncy bouncy like this for long distances kicks the looming and depressing prospect of some sort of e-bike into the cocked hat in the corner. It looks balanced, colour’s great, gears … hmm, the up and down seat post thingy can go into said cocked hat in corner, but overall a big yes.


    Stong opinion??? Here’s one. Looks like a pile of….! Sorry, but stop trying to literally reinvent the wheel. The bike industry will be just fine without this around.

  • R.P. Treb

    It’s not an e-bike , so I am good.

  • Fasar

    I find this very interesting and with a neat design. I personally don’t feel the need of a ‘mountain-bike-kind’ of rear suspensions on a gravel bike, but on the fork I’d definitely go for it. Anyways, like it or not, Niner keeps questioning what a bike could be, which for me is good.

    • Chris Valente

      my sentiments exactly on the suspension.

  • RobT

    will it barspin?

  • boomforeal

    i for one welcome our new dual suspension gravel bike overlords

  • benreed

    “Niner MCR: U mad bro?”

  • Sean Fleming

    we forget that frame-building is an art, and builders are true craftsmen/women. New medium–gravel–means new frame possibilities, and this Niner MCR is a beautiful gravel bike. Creators gonna create, haters gonna hate.

  • Erik_A

    I am waiting for the Radavist feature with a pic of Kyle sending it off a 6′ rock. Because that is the 1st thing I would be tempted to do…

    • bizzishop

      …in sandals hitting a dangle bong.

  • Big Jänet Romance

    this is sooooo dumb, but i kinda like it.. although would never say so in public.

  • Tommy P
  • terriblemcnaughton

    Let the skeptical hippos have their skeptical eyes. I would put some 650b Byways on this steed and tear ass across the universe. Looks like a really fun shred sled to me.

  • Peperbek

    Anyone who’s looking for a mountainbike to be used in the Netherlands should consider this bike.

  • Andrew Deane

    Someone should push this over a cliff.

  • Billy Arlew

    When you say push buttons you mean like how i play video games? Mash mash mash mash mash that’ll do.

    • step 1 – choose eddy gordo
      step 2 – mash
      step 3 – win
      step 4 – lose all friends

  • Armand

    I’d be more curious to see what $ they sell it for. Considering Niner’s typical frame only costs, it ain’t gonna be cheap. Risky proposition for a company that just left bankruptcy.

  • Superpilot

    Ay, someone will look at this and think it covers every single item on their wishlist. Won’t do anything for some other people. But as long as enough get enough out of it, Niner is doing the right thing then. The terrain that suits this may be ridable on a rigid, or more comfy on a MTB, but they are obviously aiming for more comfy than a rigid and faster than an MTB. I’d say if it is to be that rough though, then a puffy 650b would pinch flat less than a 700, but maybe the squish will help that. Very interesting!

  • jacc

    i love my chemical romance

  • Kevin J. Smith

    It’s like looking at a platypus. It almost makes sense, then you look more carefully and wonder how could this thing really survive.

  • nothingfuture

    I’m sure there are plenty of folks who won’t like this- they’ll say it’s unnecessary and overkill and abomination. Sure.

    But it’d be a hoot to ride. I mean, people have been experimenting with full suspension road bikes (for Paris Roubaix, for example) for a LONG time, so in some ways, it’s not that novel of an idea. But for bombing down gravel and crappy tarmac? Why not? The downside, as I see it, is the weight/complexity- but for people who like their gravel chunky- this will be a fun thing to ride.

  • Nicholas Petersen

    People still race XC on hardtails with regular seatposts. And then there’s this thing.

    • colavitos_ghost

      Hint: not everyone races.

  • Justin Scoltock

    Necessary? No. Fun looking? Hell yeah. 100% would not buy but definitely would ride.

  • Trenton South

    Did anybody else notice that the rear shock is asymmetrical like the new stumpy? They might find their self getting served by uncle Mike if it goes into production lol.

  • I mean … why not? That’s sort of how I feel about bikes these days. Most of us who are super into riding will do weird shit to our rigs at some point in time. (What Would Surly Do?) This is way more interesting than when the only “new” bike stuff companies tossed to the masses were more and more aero road bikes. YAWN. This thing, though … you do you, man.

    • Brian Simon

      That and it seems way more functional / less goofy than canyon’s biplane bars…

  • Brad

    Reserving judgement until I can see a Tioga disc drive on it.