Manual for Speed Interviewed Sagan May 11, 2018

This is it. A whopping 15 Minutes, 20 Questions and 32 Fun Facts with Peter Sagan from Manual for Speed!

“Manual For Speed interviewed Peter Sagan on the tarmac in the Truckee International Airport in front of an airplane and a custom gold Specialized Diverge. We didn’t ask him about racing and bikes because it’s already been done at least a hundred million times. Also its our opinion most of that stuff is either self-explanatory or immaterial. Bottomline, you only have to watch him race once to know that he’s is the most relevant, sexiest, Most Animal cyclist currently racing. No, MFS asked him a series of hard-hitting and deeply personal questions about the man, Peter Sagan. And in response, we learned a minimum of 32 illuminating insights into how the youngest member of the Pantheon For Speed works. #humanathletesvisualvideoshowcase”

  • Thomas Wilson

    This was incredibly difficult to watch

    • It’s like a Ben Stiller movie, but I like it.

    • Matt Karwoski

      Sagan refusing to really answer most of the questions didn’t really help…

      • M.R.

        I can’t blame him.

  • Kawika Samson

    Haha. Classic!

  • Trevor Martin

    All in, MFS did what they do best. So uncomfortable to watch, but soo good at the same time. I’m not sure how to feel watching this.

  • Superpilot

    It increased my love for MFS and Sagan, so it works for me!

  • STW
    • Andrew

      That was obviously inappropriate, he apologized, and he hasn’t done it since. Does he need to be publicly shamed forever?

    • It happened in 2013, and the situation was rectified. We all make mistakes and he apologized.

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    Is Emiliano no longer involved? I feel like his eye for the oddities and irony of the cycling world made MFS/Yonder great and in his apparent absence, it’s become obvious that MFS is just Dan peacocking in this season’s latest neon cycling gear.

    • Nah, he’s done with cycling.

    • quesofrito

      short answer: not really involved. mostly i was burnt out and YJ/MFS needed to evolve or grow. couldn’t commit any further to birth that evolution, so it is what it is now. even if i stayed on, it would have needed to change. i don’t know what it would have evolved into, but for the record, i support the peacock 100%. it’s a performance, if you take it literally, then you’re missing it. maybe it’s not your thing (or my thing even), but it’s a thing. there aren’t that many “things” in the world you know? especially in cycling. SUPPORT THE THINGS! (ps thanks for missing me! i miss all of you too! you know how to find me tho!!)