SOLD OUT: The Radavist Howdy Coyote Pocket T May 20, 2018

Howdy Coyote is here to remind you to be nice and say ‘howdy’ on the trail. Although, if you catch an ol’ timer out there, they might stop you for a conversation, because back in the day, ‘howdy’ was a question; a shortened form of “how do you do?” and still to this day, to some that’s an open invitation for a dialog. Hell, we could use a little more face to face time with our fellow humans these days, especially out on the trails, where like-minded souls flee to in an attempt to escape the day to day grind of city livin’. So do like Howdy Coyote and make sure to say hello.

These Kyler Martz-designed t-shirts are made from American Apparel pocket t-shirts and printed by FUN Artists in Los Angeles. They’re $25 shipped to the USA and $40 shipped worldwide. Swoop up now while they’re in stock below. SORRY SOLD OUT!