George’s Landyachtz Titanium Drop Bar 29+ is a Beast! – Morgan Taylor

As the lead designer at Landyachtz Bikes, George Bailey sees his ideas come to life through the company’s made-in-Vancouver custom steel frames as well as their factory production models. Yet even those whose ideas regularly come to fruition have their dreams, and that’s exactly what George’s titanium drop bar 29+ is. No holding back, just setting every detail where he wanted it, and creating a one-off frame with a very long ride in mind.

While we’d been chatting over Instagram ever since Landyachtz launched their bike line, I met George in person when we rode a 200 km brevet with a very chill group in August of last year. It was on this ride that I found out George was going to be riding this year’s BC Epic 1000, which is – you guessed it – a 1040 km bikepacking event traversing most of the mountain ranges of British Columbia on dirt. He was scheming on a custom bike for the ride, with 29+ wheels, drop bars and a suspension fork.

Fast forward to this spring and George’s monster race rig was well on its way to becoming reality. Not a detail left behind on the parts kit, with a Force 1 drivetrain, Race Face carbon cranks and wheels, and a Wolf Tooth cable conversion kit for the Reverb dropper post tucked in under the Thomson cockpit. Oh, and that 100mm Rockshox Reba fork, which has since been replaced with a 100mm Pike RCT3.

While George’s bike seems somewhat out of the ordinary for an event like the BC Epic 1000, people who have raced the route in the past have commented that the setup looks very appropriate. For the race he’ll take off the dropper post and pack up with a custom bag set from Porcelain Rocket. The route primarily follows old rail lines with some singletrack thrown in and a whole lot of climbing. George won’t be gunning for the course record, but you know he’ll be suffering with pleasure on the bike of his dreams.

After seeing George’s idea come to life, the crew at Landyachtz was so stoked on the design that they have chosen to offer the frame to the public through a pre-order which is now live on their site (note: prices are in CAD). George drew up a geo chart for four sizes, which means his bike can now be considered the prototype for the project.

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  • Theodor Rzad

    dang, very dialed!

  • boomforeal

    that’s a pretty wild bike

    i have two questions:

    1. isn’t there some way to have the reverb actuated by a (modded?) front brifter? not being able to hit the lever without removing one’s hands from the brakes is an annoyance i’m too familiar with and would want to avoid at all costs on a dream bike

    2. is the reba being replaced by a pike for performance reasons, or just ‘cuz? this bike doesn’t necessarily seem like the kind of platform that would overwhelm a damper, but that might be selling it short

    • You can mod the dropper with wolftooth sustain and a Sram 2by lever but it was never meant to be a permanent feature, I just wanted it for playing around when not loaded bikepacking.

      I upgraded to the Pike for clearance reasons only, the Pike and Yari have lower options for 29+ tires, you can see that I had to do a bit of hand machining to the arch on the rebas so that the chronicles would fit.

      • boomforeal

        re. the machining, i totally didn’t notice that (pic #14) — that’s damned tight!

        • Clearance was the first order of operation, with spring and damper performance being the secondary consideration. You’re right that this bike won’t really ever take advantage of the Pike chassis like an aggressive trail bike, but there was a bit of a “why not?” happening as well. I know you and I have had endless conversations about spring and damper performance, particularly when the forks with adjustable air spring volume came onto the market, so I trust you’ll appreciate my thought process!

          The Reba has a low volume air spring and a very lightly tuned damper, so its range of adjustment isn’t quite as useful as the Pike. I steered George toward the RCT3 damper in the Pike over the RC not because I think he needs the performance, but because it can be tuned much more finely. The RC damper cartridge has a much heavier stock damping tune, and it’s not adjustable, so you end up having to tune your air spring volume and pressure around that damper’s limitations rather than having full control.

    • AaronBenjamin

      What’s a brifter?

      • Bar end shifter

        • boomforeal

          er, no

      • boomforeal

        combined brake/shift lever, the kind you find on all modern road bikes

  • Blaise

    Very nice. One of my favorite skateboards was from Landyachtz. Didn’t know they branched out into bikes.

    • Their space in Vancouver is super rad now. It’s a full service bike shop, with a frame shop in the back, and still has the skateboards and the mini ramp. The vibe is not at all bike shop, which appeals to a lot of people! And they’re right on one of the main bike routes in East Van, so their location couldn’t have been more serendipitous for a move into the bike world.

      • Blaise

        Thanks for the heads up! I will definitely swing by next time I’m in Vancouver.

  • Dave Pelletier

    Monster. Truck. Bike. Very cool.

  • Having worked in the downhill skateboard world for a number of years, it’s been awesome to see Landyachtz branching outing the bike world. Excellent people and a first class operation.

  • Matt Karwoski

    29+ with drop bars AND front susp? Diddle me sideways and call me Sally that is sweet.

  • Alex Hillis

    This gallery is peak #lightbro and I love it

  • I think I’ve just found one of my new favorite bikes! Ti, drop bars and so much more. Lovely!

  • Rob Grey

    that’s probably the exact bike i’d make my next attempt at the epic on. the sections of loose, rough trail need the float of the big tires, and i definitely think drop bars would’ve been more comfy. i did it on a rigid mtb, and suspension wouldn’t have slowed me down one bit. looks like a great rig!

  • Fred Ddbg

    I’m in love, can you tell me the brand of that saddle please?

  • Sebastian Burnell

    Why dropbar and not a flat or bend bar on a bike with tires as fat as this?

    • Daniel

      Cause a „Road“ bar gives you more Choice for Handpositions which can be useful on such a long Ride. I guess

    • rocketman

      some of us like the drop position for singletrack. Feels more intuitive steering.
      Awesome bike, not sure I’d want the suspension fork. I’d like to here about geometry. Thinking about building something similar.

  • Ultimate bikepacking rig!

  • Nick Erickson

    I bet the ride is delicious.

  • Fabian Tilquin

    Looks like the perfect bike for the French Divide :-)

  • earle.b

    Morg that light bro, soo good.

    • Thanks Brian! I had to leave Lynn Valley to find the light.

      • earle.b

        Lynn Valley is second only to Deep Cove in locations that never see the sun many many many months of the year. In comparison way over on Upper Lonsdale it’s like living in sunny California, all beauty sun all the time.

        • The California of North Vancouver, haha! We do like it over here in the dark forest.