Firefly Bicycles: 6Al-4Va Titanium Seat Collars May 21, 2018

Looking for some MUSA bling for your bike? Check out these 6Al-4Va Titanium Seat Collars by Firefly. They’re made in the USA, weigh 25 grams, are available in 35mm and 31.8mm, come in brushed or blasted, and are made by Oglewatch Co exclusively for Firefly. These beautiful ti nuggets are $100, or you can add anodizing for $20 extra. Swoop up one at Firefly.

  • Bil Thorne

    These are ridiculous and pointless and pretty and I want one

    • Yemble


  • Andrew Deane

    Meh…not much blingier than a thomson clamp but at almost 4x the cost. I will spend the extra money on something like tires which will actually affect my ride quality.

    • FireFly

      Not to diss Thomson collars, they are our stock seat collar offering and we love them, but ours are WAY blingier. They are lighter, stronger and designed and made by one of the most talented guys I’ve ever met. Josh Ogle is a hero and one of the best dudes out there. So say “Meh” all you want, but these things are bad ass. They are obsessively over thought-out and manufactured to watch maker’s tolerances. Some of this is opinion (like how blingy they are) and some of this is fact (all the rest). So if we leave the opinions out of this: the Thomson clamps are great, made in the USA, will do the job, and cost less. You should get the tires for sure.

      • Andrew Deane

        ‘WAY b;lingier’ is subjective (I am not sold) and lighter is, lets face it, not a justification for shelling out $120 for a seat collar. I could lose more weight on a ride by blowing my nose a few good times. Also, MUSA is great if you care about that (I am not an American and don’t care) but again, not a justification for a 300% mark-up over reasonable competition. That being said if you have an extra $100 to blow on a widget that is marginally (at best) better than a much cheaper yet almost just as goo widget then I guess it’s yours to burn.

        • FireFly

          Listen, I get it. It is a seat clamp. All of your opinions are valid ones. But we wanted to make make the best one we could and this is it. It represents our brand aesthetic, ethos, and it is something we are proud of. If we are going to go through all of the trouble to make something in this world, we may as well do the best we can. I guess I’m trying to say is that sometimes buying from a smaller company that produces thoughtfully engineered items at a much lower volume incurs additional expenses and leads to a higher cost.

          • I don’t think the makers of some of the finest and lets be real, the most expensive custom frames in the world, really have to justify the cost for their own seat collar. I mean, this thing is in every sense of the word, ‘Firefly’. I say this of course as someone who would never buy one. But also as someone who spent $250 on a bespoke made chainring, so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

        • Jared Jerome

          If you ever are in need of a hug, I’ve got you.

          • Andrew Deane

            I can use all the money I saved not buying a seat clamp to pay all kinds of people to hug me.

        • YoungG

          You’re right, broh. You should totally buy that danglebong instead.

    • Chris Valente

      Yes I am sure anyone who buys one of these things is defintely doing for the “ride quality”.

  • I don’t own a frame that uses seat collars, but if I did, owning one of these would be as close to having a firefly as I’d ever get. You know, like wearing a bunch of Ferrari branded gear topped off with a Ferrari keychain for my VW keys

    • Chris W

      I’ve got a used FF seatpost/stem set incoming which may be as close as I get.

      But this clamp would get me one step closer..

      • That’s pro mate. Guaranteed to make you go faster. Or at least look cooler at the same speed.

        • Chris W

          The cooler I look, the slower I go. Need to make sure everyone gets a good look at me as I roll by.

  • rsigworth

    Make them in a burnt orange finish to match my Industry 9 hubs and I will whip out my credit card.

  • alex


  • Chris W

    Details coming out of Firefly are off the charts. So good.

    What’s the difference between these and the previous iteration of FF seat collars? The old ones hadn’t been around too long so seems odd to be replacing them already.

    • FireFly

      Thanks Chris! The first iteration of our ti collar was a simple design that we used to gauge the demand and test some parameters. The new design is everything we always wanted a collar to be… and it matches the aesthetic of our other machined parts like our dropouts rounding out the whole package.

      • Chris W

        Thanks for the reply, makes sense! Make sure to set one for me aside for when I win the D2R2 raffle ;)

  • Thomas Lowry

    Nice for someone to make a nice properly designed Ti one with dual barrel nuts. There are so many janky Ti ones where the bolt just threads into the other side….and either the clamp will eventually break or the bolt head will break (like the terrible design that Hope uses). Nice work Firefly!

  • AngryBikeWrench

    I love a good argument about value, as if value is in any way less subjective than an opinion about any other thing. We may as well argue about what’s the best color. You don’t think these are worth it? Great. Don’t buy one. BTW, the best color is OD Green.