Ass-Saver’s Mudder Mini May 7, 2018

The plague of all-road bikes with no provisions of fenders affects us all, luckily, with clamp-on partial fenders like the Mudder Mini by Ass-Savers, your headset bearings are protected from those early spring time rides through damp roads. These universal fit partial fenders clamp on directly to the fork blades of your favorite bike, protect your face from spray and weigh next to nothing. See more information on the Mudder Mini at Ass-Savers.

  • YaanG

    You’re 5 weeks late for an April Fool’s post. This would fit well on one of those little bikes that parrots ride around at the animal show.

    • A similar product has been around for years in the MTB realm and it works better than you’d think. Who wants full fenders when mud is involved? Not me.

      • YaanG

        The full size Ass Savers look pretty good, I have something similar by SKS on my MTB. But this little thing only protects the lower race of your headset, and most of those have pretty good seals.

        • This is exactly what I was thinking. What headsets don’t have seals? My dura ace 7410 is very well sealed with sealed bearings and it’s over 30 years old. I just can’t see the point when a longer version is already available that will actually be useful. John is right that short fenders are very useful when mud is involved but it would seem to me, more useful to have come out with a slightly longer one that a shorter one. Buuuut, I’m sure there will be people who will find use for them.

          • Nate Zellmer

            Count me as a fan (of all but the name). One nasty Love Valley Roubaix this year killed my Cane Creak 40 lower bearing. This would have prevented it. Also it would have matched the saddle “fender” I was rocking from them.

          • Very impressive since cane creek uses sealed cartridge bearings. My personal advice would be to simply replace the bearing unit, as the cost is basically the same, if not cheaper. You can get replacements at the moment for less than $12 at jenson. Bearings need to be replaced at intervals anyway. Even sealed units.
            But if this is your thing mate, I’m glad to see that maybe my opinion here is a bit daft.

  • Nick

    You could also just use a mucky nuts with zip ties. I’ve been running one year round on my sequoia. Cheap, looks good, works well. Probably a bit more coverage than this, but same idea.