2018 Handmade Bicycle Show Australia: Llewellyn Custom Bicycles Road

2018 Handmade Bicycle Show Australia
Photos by Andy White, words by John Watson

Darrell from Llewellyn‘s work was first introduced to me by Andy White of FYXO on one of my first trips to Australia, somewhere around 2010 or so. I had never heard of his work, much less had seen it in person, so at the time, I was completely blindsided by Darrell’s craftsmanship. If you were to ask me for US-based frame builders who share a similar craftsmanship, Chris Kvale, DiNucci and others come to mind but there is something different about a Llewellyn and it’s not easy to put a finger on it.

For this year’s Handmade Bicycle Show Australia, Darrell brought along this candy red road bike, built using a modern 44mm head tube, Zipp 454 Wheels, modern Dura Ace and a sloping top tube, akin to Darrell’s Crescendo road models. This bike, however, is unlike anything I’ve seen from Llewellyn. Take a second to ogle the details. From the stainless head tube protectors to the stainless heart bridge, the double fastback seat post clamp and the bent stays, this bike is a show-stopper and merits its own gallery…


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Our coverage from the Handmade Bicycle Show Australia would not be possible without the hard work of Andy White from FYXO. Follow FYXO on Instagram and visit FYXO‘s online store to pick up some goods. Thank you, Andy, and thank you to all the makers in Australia for putting together such an amazing showcase. There’s more to come!

  • Where do you even begin. I mean, damn. From the candy red paint, to the hearts to the beautiful lugs to the small details like the chain catcher and the braised on frame protectors. The beautiful lugged stem to the matching double bolts on the seat lug. Even the claddagh motif of the seat tube emblem. This thing is a true beauty. Just wow. “Show stopper” doesn’t even come close. ❤️

  • Jared Jerome

    I kept clicking the arrow key until I realized I was on my third trip through the gallery. So dang good.

  • Andrew Demack

    Builder’s name is Darrell McCulloch. Llewellyn might be his middle name, maybe?

    • FAT999

      I believe you’re right about the name. ‘Dazza’ is a frame building legend in Aus but I’m pretty sure there are more than a few Llewellyns in the US and Europe, too. His Llewellyn lug sets are used by a few notable builders e.g. NAHBS prize winner David Kirk, I think. Dazza’s frame building skills are world class and he’s a lovely chap as well.

  • Avuncular

    And people rave about a Sachs or Pegoretti. This guy to me is “the one”. I was looking for a retirement frame 10 years back and I narrowed it down to two local builders. Llewellyn or Gellie. Price was a consideration so I went for the much cheaper but still impressive Gellie (which I’m very happy with) but geez Darrel’s lug work is above and beyond. Only ever seen two in the wild, one was being raced in the Northern Combine circa ’08 and I think Andy from Fyxo possibly had one back then?

    • Cameron Wickbold

      I rode behind one up Mt Glorious yesterday. Serious envy…

      • Avuncular

        Lovely. I forgot to add Ewen used Llewellyn dropouts on the frame he made me. They’re polished not painted so don’t get marred with wheel removal. :)

  • Sarkis

    Wow, absolute stunner. Why did i never hear of this blokes craftmanship? Soo many skilled builders out there. But this bike is truely lush.

    • Darrell Llewellyn McCulloch

      I started at Hoffy Cycles as a 16 yo in 1979. Llewellyn (my middle name) has been underway since 1989. One pair of hands, mine does the metal work and paint has been Joe Cosgrove since 1989. It is my chosen path of professional expression.

      • Sarkis

        Thank you for your elaborate answer sir.
        Again, chapeau! and i hope to see more of your creations. I will immediately look up you instagram account!

        • Wayne

          and be prepared to be stunned

  • Peter Chesworth

    Daz at the top of the tree. Craftsman and test cricket aficionado. There’s a Llewellyn around the roads here in Canberra. Poor owner can hardly ride it due to the conversations struck up at every set of lights. Beautiful bikes but made to be used, hard.

  • Nicholas Petersen

    This bike is srs bsns. Holy cow.

  • Rudy Luthi

    Maybe that “something different” is the dedication to his craft that is so great he’s designed / cast his own lugs, and not with a 3D-printer or brazing tubes + carving, but actually steel casting. Not many smaller shops will undertake something like that. Beyond impressive. What’s cool is that you can actually buy his lugs to make your own stems.

  • Richard

    SO much excellence in this frame/build. Thanks for giving it a whole gallery to itself!

  • Andy Warrior

    Is that a Joe Cosgrove paint job?

  • Wayne

    Yes Joe Cosgrove paint, and she rides like a dream..

    • Andy Warrior

      Joe built a frame for me about a year ago, Lapis Blue…..same sparkle….magic