2018 Handmade Bicycle Show Australia: Devlin, G Duke, Gellie, Goodspeed, H Tech, Mooro

2018 Handmade Bicycle Show Australia
Photos by Andy White, words by John Watson

Today we’re continuing our coverage of the Handmade Bicycle Show Australia, with six builders, many of which might be completely new names to you, as they were to me. Photographer and owner of FYXO, Andy White was at the show, documenting each of the maker’s bikes, under the spotlight, and on the stage at the event. We’ll have a few big galleries up over the next few days from each of the builders present at the show. Let’s continue the coverage with…

Devlin Custom Cycles Road

Based in Queensland, Australia, Devlin Cystom Cycles builds 100% custom Columbus steel bicycle frames. For the HBSA this year, he brought this stunning blue classic road with a stainless rear triangle and seat tube. This frame was painted a brilliant blue by Wallis Paints, a local painter who coats Devlin’s frames. Follow Devlin on Instagram.

G Duke Classic Road Frameset

G Duke Custom Frames is the work of Geoff Duke, a one-man show who makes lugged bikes by silver brazing construction and builds his frames with Reynolds, Columbus, and Dedacciai tubing. Geoff Duke’s background is in tooling and road racing, so he applies his knowledge of both to deliver a completely custom experience for his customers.

Gellie Cycles All-Road

Gellie Cycles hails from Bend of Islands, Victoria, Australia and offers beautifully constructed tig-welded frames with a modern approach to functionality and style. This year at the HBSA, he brought this orange all-road, featuring a Columbus Futura fork, painted to match, just like the stem and post. This all-road is rolling on ENVE wheels and is propelled by SRAM’s CX-1 gruppo. Follow Gellie and his incredible work on Instagram.

Goodspeed SL Road

Goodspeed takes their inspiration from cruiser bikes and updates the body language of these classics to modern functionalities like this SL Road model. This frame utilizes internal routing, within the double tube top tubes, features a NOS Flite saddle, and is built with Campagnolo Record. Follow Goodspeed on their Instagram.

H Tech Aeriform Road

The Aeriform is just one of the many models offered by H Tech, makers of wooden bicycles, built using high-tech methods, as their name implies. This particular model utilizes Selective Carbon Reinforcement, to ensure the frame’s structural integrity and ride quality. See more about H Tech’s process at their website.

Mooro Cycles Wagyl Road

One of my favorites from the show – at least from Andy’s selection – is this Mooro Cycles Wagyl road, featuring Busyman saddle and bar tape leatherwork. The reason I love this bike is the story behind the ornate finishing; the Wagyl. Based on local lore, and according to the native Noongar people, this snake lives in the realm of dreams and is solely responsible for the birth of the Swan and Canning Rivers, along with their estuaries in the south-western region of Western Australia. Follow along with more of Mooro Cycles’ work at their Instagram.


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Our coverage from the Handmade Bicycle Show Australia would not be possible without the hard work of Andy White from FYXO. Follow FYXO on Instagram and visit FYXO‘s online store to pick up some goods. Thank you, Andy, and thank you to all the makers in Australia for putting together such an amazing showcase. There’s more to come!

  • boomforeal

    is that thing (plate?) in front of the ds dropout of the gellie a place to rest the chain when the back wheel is off? i notice there’s a fender/rack mount on the inside of the ds seatstay, where the chain catcher would usually be. pretty smart

    • Yeah, it’s a chain catcher. A few builders at the show have done that, including Llewellyn – which is a mind-bender of a bike!

    • Ewen Gellie

      It’s a “QuikChainger”, usually only available on a custom made frame. Shift onto the smallest cassette sprocket, remove the rear wheel and this device catches the chain. The rear wheel can then be reinstalled without having touched the chain with your fingers. It works best on 2x drivetrains by shifting into top gear

      • A lot of older steel racing frames had them too. My Merckx MXL had one, as well as my SL-X Merckx.

  • That goodspeed is just👌🏼Also I genuinely didn’t know Pirelli was making bicycle tyres. I know they made them in the past but was unaware they are now. Are they ‘new’ on the market or have I been living under a tyre related rock?

    • Yeah, they still make them. Those road tires are new to the market. https://velo.pirelli.com/en/ww/road-racing-cycling-tyres

      • Hmm interesting info John, thanks. I would never own one, but as far as aesthetics go it’s pretty slick. Is this a concept model or are they building them for customers like this?

        • Sean Doyle

          Try the 28’s. Amazing tires.

          • Nah mate, I’m a heavier rider. My percentage of flats goes down by like 95% if I ride 32+mm. I won’t go back down below that. Currently my favourite tyres are the Clement Strada 32mm and the Fantastic (probably my favourite tyre ever) Schwalbe G-One 35mm. Considering the move to larger tyres, I think Pirelli will soon enough put out a 32.

  • Rick

    Gellie for the win, aesthetically and functionally on point..

  • Avuncular

    I’m going to put in a plug for Geoff Duke’s frame as it takes me way back to when we only bought and raced lugged frames. I’ve met the guy when he did a repair for me and was impressed by his thinking and excellent workmanship. I’d love to order one of his frames but I have enough already. I hope he gets a few commissions from this show.

  • California Travis

    There’s a rad scene in Australia! I surf up CycleExif sometimes and see some real cool bikes.