You Can Now Pre-Order a DangleBong Titanium Waterpipe Perfect for Bikepacking Apr 23, 2018

When my friend Dan Gullbong told me about his new project for bikepackers and backpackers alike, I thought to myself “Great Scott, this is genius!” Uniting bikepackers and backpackers has been every company in the outdoor industry’s dream. So what was his product? The most ultralight stove? A puncture-resistant sleeping pad that doesn’t sound like a bag of chips when you roll around on it? A revolutionary water filtration system? No. A titanium waterpipe. Dan’s dream came true and the DangleBong was born. These virtually indestructible titanium pieces are up for pre-order now at for $119.69 with an estimated delivery of 7/1 – 7/30. DangleBongs. It’s like a joke, but it’s not™