You Can Now Pre-Order a DangleBong Titanium Waterpipe Perfect for Bikepacking Apr 23, 2018

When my friend Dan Gullbong told me about his new project for bikepackers and backpackers alike, I thought to myself “Great Scott, this is genius!” Uniting bikepackers and backpackers has been every company in the outdoor industry’s dream. So what was his product? The most ultralight stove? A puncture-resistant sleeping pad that doesn’t sound like a bag of chips when you roll around on it? A revolutionary water filtration system? No. A titanium waterpipe. Dan’s dream came true and the DangleBong was born. These virtually indestructible titanium pieces are up for pre-order now at for $119.69 with an estimated delivery of 7/1 – 7/30. DangleBongs. It’s like a joke, but it’s not™

  • Dan Gullbongs

    I think it was Abraham Lincoln who once said: “OUTSIDE IS BONG.”

    • Dana

      stovepipe und a crepe?

  • Kurt Schneider

    Spend a little time with the DangleBong, and maybe you won’t worry so much about the noise your sleeping pad makes. Just a thought.

  • Nate Christy

    Def ordering a NugHugger.

  • terriblemcnaughton

    Are there adverse effects to using a titanium bong? I’m a glass believer and have always looked at plastic or metal pieces with skeptical hippo eyes when it comes to breathing in harmful byproducts.

    • Nope. There is plenty of Ti cookware used in the outdoor industry too from stoves to pots to mugs.

    • Rye Young

      Research online says “Inhaling titanium nano particles is bad for your lungs & Titanium exposure may be harmful to your brain. Titanium nano particles can enter directly into the hippocampus region of the brain through the nose and olfactory bulb”. But then again, you are just smoking weed so what ever.

      • Pat G

        Can you link the source? That would be an unusual way for any small particle to reach the brain…

      • Yeah but getting titanium to degrade into particles takes more than a lighter. Or even a stove…

        • Rye Young

          The stoner superstition that smoking through aluminum leads to Alzheimer’s has tainted the thought of smoking through other metals. I believe you are correct. It would take a lot more than a lighter or a torch to breakdown Ti. Just adding that note.

    • Jared Jerome

      I feel like it is unlikely that you’re heating it up long/hot enough for it to off gas toxic stuff. But purely guessing.

    • Dan Gullbongs

      Dear Valued Customer: Titanium is one of the least reactive metals known to man. This is why it is used in so many medical and other sterile applications.

      • Tim Guarente

        I wasn’t concerned about the titanium, but wondered about the anodizing process. I looked it up, and that’s not a dye/stain process either, so you’re not getting any contamination from the rad coloration, either.

        So will Firefly do a crossover option?

  • swrve

    Legend had it back in the day that a titanium bong was the trophy you received for passing your trial period and becoming a full-time employee at a titanium frame maker based in Colorado whose name rhymes with Toots.

    • There was also the Merlin titanium pipe that is still being passed around the New England scene.

    • BiscuitBiscuitBiscuit

      I have a lovely bong made by Wes Williams of Willits fame.

  • Sarkis

    I hardly consume, but i want one! This is cool. Also the “Toots” and the “New England merlin pipe” stories make me chuckle and smile. Thanks for those

  • Jud Sprangfeld

    unpopular take: this website has been forthright, earnest, even, about its posters’ struggles with substances … i don’t get why it continues to promote (and why outdoor brands feature is a related question) taking leave of your senses and self with substances. is life so unmanageable/unlivable that consciousness must be altered? are we afraid of what we’ll find if we develop an inner life apart from drugs?

    carry on, fellow kids.

    • STW

      it’s a reasonable take…

      and yes, i’m sure fear is a big part of it. it was for me!

    • “taking leave of your senses and self with substances” oh shit that sounds nice as fuck. i got papers if you got weed.

    • Domingo

      Sometimes dopamine just isn’t enough.

    • Jud, alcohol is far worse for your body than weed. It damages your kidneys, your liver, your relationships, and your mind. People beat their wives, their kids, and complete strangers on alcohol. Alcohol is processed, packaged, and manipulated. Weed grows from the ground, is dried out and smoked. That’s it. I struggled with alcohol and quite frankly, my openness about that helped me deal with it. Having it thrown back at me is unfair.

      Weed helps me sleep and I enjoy smoking it, or eating it once and a while. Where is the harm in that? Make no mistake. Alcohol destroys families and friendships. I don’t see the statistics of weed doing the same, especially when done in moderation.

      I have an inner life. A clarity. That I’ve never had before. Weed does not alter that.

      • Jared Jerome

        Only side effect is when you’re telling a story and go, “Ah fuck, what was I just talking about?” That and it helps with circulation in your legs if you have a desk job because it tends to thin out your wallet.

        • Even that with the right strain can be resolved. I’ve found strains like XJ13 keep your brain active and allow you to “zone out” and work productively, while still being tack-sharp for conversation.

          • Jared Jerome

            True enough, but for my night time options I’ll take the trade off :)

      • Jud Sprangfeld

        Hey, John: thanks for responding to me. I didn’t conceive of my post as throwing anything in your face; but I hope you’ll forgive me for doing so if that’s how you perceived it. Truly.

        I would like to point out a number of things, though, namely that there’s a false dichotomy between weed and alcohol; I’m actually suggesting that any substance used to distance one’s self from the faculties of one’s mind are actually destructive to an inner life or life of fulfillment. I’m nursing a beer while I write this, however, I’d suggest one or two are a different matter from becoming intoxicated. More to my point: any ‘goods’ to come from weed use or legalization are highly disputed; the data we have indicates it’s associated with depression and psychosis, especially in teens and young adults. Obviously people enjoy it, yes, but the jury is out on whether it’s a societal benefit.

        Another important component: race. There are many strands of thought saying that full-scale legalization will be better for our criminal justice system and move toward a more equitable country, racially. Maybe … I personally don’t believe legalization is the way to do that, but I whole-heartedly support gutting our prisons and criminal justice system and moving immediately toward a day when persons of color aren’t disproportionately targeted by our unfair system. I want to point out that while many whites are getting rich off the new cannabis industries, many persons of color are languishing in prisons around our country while whites enjoy the new liberty associated with cannabis legalization. It’s a little too on the nose to see cannabis celebrated while persons of color can’t hold cell phones in their backyards without getting gunned down, much less enjoy the favorable treatment under the law that whites with resources do when it comes to drugs.

        I know I sound like the moral police right now, but as someone who has read this blog for years and purchased products featured here and from its advertisers, I felt the need to comment as you don’t have to earn money by associating with this kind of stuff. You don’t need bong advertisement money, nor do you need pot leaf sock ad money, or whatever. I hope you’ll pick other sponsors and feature other stuff.

        I have pointed this kind of thing out to other good blogs that have posted content that condones porn (this is going to be the most unpopular take of all, but guess what: unsurprisingly, it’s exploitative and is associated with rape in the sexual imagination).

        So at the end of the day, I’m trying to say this: cycling and outdoor pursuits don’t need to stoop to drugs or porn to be good – they are good without those things and your web site would be better without them too. You have a great web site here. It would be better without companies that glorify drugs.

        Truly writing in good faith, here, man, and whatever you decide to post on your blog, may you ride in best of health.


        • Chris Valente

          Jesus dude. It’s just some joker frame builders having fun selling a ridiculous product to a niche market (I bought one). There is no one “stooping” here and I can almost guarantee you no one earning money by this being posted.

          If it’s ok for you to nurse a beer, it’s ok for someone to take a bong hit. The world is not going to end either way.

        • Ok, all I’ll say is in response to this:

          “I know I sound like the moral police right now, but as someone who has read this blog for years and purchased products featured here and from its advertisers, I felt the need to comment as you don’t have to earn money by associating with this kind of stuff. You don’t need bong advertisement money, nor do you need pot leaf sock ad money, or whatever. I hope you’ll pick other sponsors and feature other stuff.”

          I don’t get paid to post products. Period. The only money I receive is in the form of monthly advert subscriptions. This keeps it simple for everyone involved, including the readers. There is a clear delineation between “Radar” or ‘news’, being aggregated from the web, or PR emails, or just one-photo moments and “Reportage” or ‘original content’ and banner ads.

          It sucks this is still someone people bring up in response to “news” posts, but I’ll just keep making this as clear as possible.

          Also, you sipping a beer, is just like me taking a bong rip or eating a gummy.

          If ANYTHING, I’d argue that maybe younger reader’s parents might be turned off by the presence of a bong on the site, but in a few years, it won’t be any different than watching a beer commercial on TV. Social stigmas…