Teravail Now Offers Three Tire Models in Gumwall Apr 19, 2018

Call it a comeback. Many tire manufacturers have embraced the demand for gumwall tires and now, you can add Teravail to that list. Their Cannonball (700x35mm,38mm,42mm,) Rampart (650bx47mm,) and Coronado (27.5×3″) tires all come in a dark tan sidewall, in Teravail’s light and supple casing. Head to your local dealer to order and over to Teravail for more information.

  • Dan Edgerton

    When I was young and new to riding, long ago, all tires had tan colored sidewalls. Gumwalls had a rubber coating on the sidewalls to help prevent cuts and were heavier. Skin walls were uncoated and had the bare fabric as the sidewall and were lighter and more performance oriented. One would go into the shop and ask for a tire in a certain size, the guy in the shop would say I have that in a gumwall and a skin wall, which would you prefer. I find it interesting that gumwall now seems to refer to the appearance. Times change.

    • Ah man! Super interesting. I though gumwall & skinwall were interchangeable terms. You learn something new everyday!

    • Had no idea!

    • DominicBruysPorter

      In my lived experience it has just referred to the tone of the colour. Bare cotton casing, is bare cotton casing. How far is that going back? I know for sure all black tyres go back almost as far as pneumatic bicycle tyres.

  • Andy-bmore

    real hyped for 27.5+ gumwalls that aren’t the $130/tire Onzas

    • Oh man, so true. Although those Onzas are damn durable and feel oh so good.

      • Andy-bmore

        The Onzas look great, but: I just stopped into my LBS yesterday and ordered a set of the Coronados, and… total bill was about $15 more than a single Onza. They’re gonna have to be real crappy tires for me to not feel good about that decision lol

  • Ryan

    I wish they would post the weights, particularly if they’re going to use it in their pitch. Am I overlooking it on their site?

    • Bil Thorne

      They’re “light and supple” but you’ll just have to take their word for it.