Surly’s New Bridge Club Touring Bike Apr 2, 2018

No, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke. Surly’s newest touring bike is named after that card game your grandma plays, but don’t let the name fool ya, this is a touring bike meant to take on just about anything. See more at Surly.

  • Bil Thorne

    Just when I thought I couldn’t get less impressed by Surly they release the same bike again.

    • Michael McDonald

      It’s not the same though. Read the Surly page on it. Pretty clear what they’re going for.

      • Bil Thorne

        Right. It’s their flat bar do anything touring mountain bike with every imaginable mount that isn’t the troll, world troller, moonlander, ogre, ecr, pugsley, or big dummy. This one has 15% more sass, 34% more fart jokes, and 37% more anti big bike attitude from the big bike company. For another 350 dollars you can get some denim jeans to show you don’t care about comfort or body odor.

        • Michael McDonald

          This isn’t remotely comparable to a Moonlander and they quite clearly outlined how it’s different from a Troll/Ogre. But I guess it’s easier to get mad about everything.

          As far as I’m concerned, a $1200 option to get more people into riding off-road and bikecamping is cool. No one is forcing you to buy one.

          • Pancho

            Well said… Haterz gunna hate. Bike snobs gunna be snobby. One of the main reasons I’m doing the shopping for my girlfriends new bike… She’s terrified of “bike people”

          • Michael McDonald

            Same! Just helped my girlfriend pick one out and people kept trying to tell her what she wanted. I told her to just keep test riding and find the one that she likes, don’t worry about bike snobs. She ended up buying a Bridge Club yesterday!

  • benreed

    The new Surly “Again, how is this not an Ogre?” shipping soon.

    • Moosemonkey

      How many “Flat Bar-Dinkabout-Rumspringa-looks good in my living room ” models do they have now? Troll,Ogre,ECR, Bridge Club… Even the Pugsley now.

      29er Troll,
      Big Fat 29er Troll.
      27.5 Troll.
      Huge fat Troll.

      But the option to pay more for better drop outs?

    • Michael McDonald

      Different dropouts, BB height, tire clearance, complete only. This is clearly aimed at getting a super affordable model out there and making a “bikepacking” model more accessible.

  • Chris Leydig

    A 27.5 Troll with different, non-sliding dropouts. This is how I run mine 1/2 the time – 27.5 x 2.4. Too bad it’s not suspension corrected

  • Dave Pelletier

    I dig my Crosscheck, but I honestly can’t keep up with what the differences are between all of their offerings. Hopefully they aren’t overextending to offer all of these frame/bike options, spreading themselves too thin and risking implosion. I guess being part of QBP allows them some ability to experiment.

    • justwastedspace

      As someone who only recently started getting into bikes and just finished building up a bike, I was already on the edge of lost with Surly’s lineup BEFORE they introduced the Pack Rat, Midnight Special and now the Bridge Club.

      Their “we don’t give a shit” type product descriptions really don’t help you figure things out either.

      That being said, I really like their bikes, and I’ll likely pick up a Midnight Special in the near future, but only after annoying my local bike shop and guys online, like Morgan Taylor, to help me figure out the direction I should go with.

    • m f

      The fat bike implosion caused by Surly in late 2015 caused for a huge glut of bikes in the warehouse and delivered some incredible deals for consumers. Pricing barely recovered from that. So, maybe this flood of the market with bikes that compete with each other will have the same effect. Surly’s gonna Surly.