Speedvagen Announces the 650B Rugged Road Bike Apr 20, 2018

It was only a matter of time! Speedvagen recently updated their catalog to include this 650b Rugged Road model, equipped to handle on and off-road riding with a plush, 650b tire. While this bike is on display at the Sram Road booth at Sea Otter, their product photos came out beautiful for those of us not attending the event this year. This 650b Rugged Road model is only available as a custom complete and features new Speedvagen custom chainstays, flat mount thru axles, 160mm rotors, and is coated in 2018 paint schemes.

$1000 deposits locks in your spot and Speedvagen are only making 111 full custom bikes this year across all custom models. See more information at their 650b Rugged Road site and a few more photos below!

  • Drew Carlson

    Hubba hubba 😍 if only I had a first born to sell I would get this or the Breadwinner G-Road. Portland is the best.

    • Area45

      That G-Road is a good choice too.

  • Area45

    Damn. That is a sleek lookin’ machine.

  • Drew Thompson

    Oooooooooh my this thing sure is a looker

  • Jordan Muller

    Anyone have a guess as to what fenders those are?

    • Kyle Aubrey

      Vanilla Workshop posted an Instagram story today saying they were Honjo fenders, made in Japan.

      • Nicholas Tingey

        I have these on my crust LB. I’m kinda disappointed with how flimsy the metal is and how easily the paint has chipped. With that said, they are very light & my drivetrain has never been cleaner.

  • brent wick

    the dream bike! 1 thing though, all the thought and planning…….oh yeah and cost, and the front brake line is zip tied to the front fork?!?!?!?!