Paul Component’s Limited Rasta Skewers Are Back! Apr 23, 2018

Rasta-inspired, anodized bicycle components are nothing new. From Kooka to Cook Brothers, this red, yellow, and green color treatment has been a staple in the mountain bike industry since the 90’s. Paul Component brought back this popular color treatment, as a special 4.20 release. Which, I blanked on posting! Wonder why… They’re still in stock so head over to Paul to swoop!

  • Eric Wang

    At lunch today, I actually thought “Man, I wish I had some rasta Paul Skewers for a new build”. Sign from the gods for sure. Swooped.

  • rcatleastthreecharacters

    was caught in surprise by the recent (rather large in %) price increase on these skewers though

    • On just the Rasta skewers or the skewers overall?

      • rcatleastthreecharacters

        Overall. It’s like a >25% jump from earlier this year. I still copped tho so maybe I shouldn’t do the math too much?