It’s Never too Early to Plan for the 2018 Swift Campout! Apr 4, 2018

Ladies and gents, boys and girls, all are welcome to the Swift Campout and guess what? It’s never too early to plan or sign up for this increasingly popular event. Simply go to the Swift Campout site to learn more! Remember, this is open to all and takes place Saturday, June 23rd. Check out our coverage of this great event on the Related sidebar.

  • It’s actually a really good idea to plan early, because group camp spots book out early. For the second year in a row we’re heading to a park with an open field for bicycle campers, but we’ve booked a picnic shelter for the two days just in case it rains.

  • dan scheie

    Do I try to set up a ride where I’m from? Or should I travel to where the cool people are? Decisions, decisions…

    • You simply go bike camping. Easy as that! But you’re welcome to drive across two states and an international border to join us, if you like ;)

      • dan scheie

        The Bronx, New York isn’t exactly a fun place to go bike camping…

        Lots of places nearby that can be reached by bike such as Harriman State Park, but they tend to get fairly crowded on summer weekends.