ENVE Introduces 35mm Clamp Bars and Stems Apr 16, 2018

Last year, ENVE relaunched their M Series mountain wheels, with wider profiles, enhanced ride quality, and anti-flat protection. This year, to follow up on this redesign, the brand looked at their mountain cockpits, revising the profiles and clamp diameters. After testing and refinement, ENVE has established two base handlebar constructions; One construction rated for trail and another for gravity. These new M Series handlebars now come in four base models; M5, M6, M7 and M9. The M5 and M6 handlebar models are Trail-Rated, designed for XC and trail riding or racing, while the M7 and M9 handlebar models are Gravity-Rated, and refined for the specific needs of enduro and downhill racing.

Check out profile and pricing information below and expect all other information to drop soon at ENVE.

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