El Silencio: Cycling the Peruvian Andes Apr 5, 2018

This video by Jay Bird Films and Tumbleweed Bikes is coming soon. If you’re in Los Angeles, you can see the feature-length at GSC. Check out the flyer below and read more about this video at Tumbleweed.

  • Transit

    Super excited about this one. Jay does such great work.

    • Thanks buddy!!! We should do a showing there?!

      • I’m stoked to see this one, Jay!

      • Transit

        Thats my plan! You think you will make it to town in the Fall?

  • rocketman

    How long is the film anyway. Considering the 2+ hr drive up from San Diego. The trailer looks great!

    • Hey! It’s in the 20-25 min range, but we are going to have an additional unreleased short film that I made with Cass Gilbert (@whileoutriding) on the Trans Ecuador Mountain Bike route as well. Hope you can make it up!